New Zealand Flag Referendum

New Zealand is set to have a referendum concerning its flag. It will be two parts, the first will occur at the end of this month and the second will be in March of 2016. Fiji is also changing its flag but it is straight-up removing the union jack, there will be two part referendum like in New Zealand. Currently there is a debate about which flag should be chosen. As Fiji doesn’t have the same connections to Britain that New Zealand does, I am less concerned with what happens there.

This referendum was called by John Key, current PM and supposed conservative. Interestingly enough, Key is Jewish on his mother’s side. Perhaps this is partly to explain his fatalistic belief in the inevitability of New Zealand becoming a republic, and the necessity of changing this flag, as he would have grown up in the internationalist atmosphere typical of a mixed racial household. Perhaps this household was even a leftist one.

Though this is to be a referendum wherein the people will decide what happens, let us not kid ourselves, Key wants the flag changed. This referendum was his decision and was not asked for by the majority. Very few had made any vocal calls for a changing of the flag. Key’s party is a fiscal conservative party so one would think they would care about saving money and spending it wisely. Nope. This referendum will be as costly as any election and is completely unnecessary.

One might be tempted to ask why I should care about this referendum. I care because this is another case of European symbols being attacked. The new designs are all lacking in the union jack that is on the current flag. New Zealand was founded by the British and the majority of kiwis are of British heritage. However, in our contemporary era anything European is hated. This is especially true with the British because they once held the largest empire in world history. In Canada a similar flag debate occurred in the 1960s except it was done unilaterally by the liberal elite. The old flag full of history and symbolism, was replaced with a rather mediocre flag lacking in all of this. It is perfectly devoid of any connections to Britain or Europe and thus makes it easier to be accepted by anyone and everyone.

Many of the flag ideas do have Maori symbols, however. The red peak design, which was pushed through by loud lefties, is based off of Maori mythology (perhaps given connections some have made with it and the Nazis, the addition of red peak could be advantageous; result in some sort of backlash against changing the flag at all). The Maori are quite a large minority and have arguably had a greater influence than the non-White indigenes of Canada, the US and Australia. That being said it was ultimately Europeans who created New Zealand and all its laws and institutions are based in the British fashion. If New Zealand wants to frame itself as a hybrid European-Polynesian country, then it would have to retain its British symbols and halt the self-hating White narrative that is perhaps more entrenched within it than the other White dominions or the US.

This referendum seems less of an example of democracy in action and more of a veiled attempt at influencing the electorate to vote for anything but the current flag. I would almost prefer it if Key and his ilk would just come out and act like the Canadian Liberal party back in the 1960s because at least we knew where they stood. This referendum just seems duplicitous. They don’t care about what the majority really think. If New Zealand politicians did then they wouldn’t have opened the floodgates to mass immigration all of those decades ago. Just like the Canadian Liberals the New Zealand Nationals care more about universalist idealism than they do with their countries or the people who built them. Ridding New Zealand of its symbols makes it all the more easy to impose said idealism.


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3 Responses to New Zealand Flag Referendum

  1. Lawrence Murray says:

    It really is an international problem, leftists going after the ethnic and cultural symbols of Europeans. It’s especially bad in the diasporas since our leftists are skilled at peddling guilt for our own civilizations, which are built on conquest. I am yet to see them go after Muslims for their conquests.

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