Swearing Allegiance to the Queen

It should be pretty basic right? You move to a new country and you accept the rules and values of that country. The immigrant does not get the right to impose themselves upon the land that is willing to accept them. Except common sense no longer reigns in Greater Europe and the immigrants are the ones with the power over natives. Here in Canada we are a monarchy and if you want to become a citizen you have to swear an oath to our monarch, currently it is Queen Elizabeth II. For those who are unaware the Elizabeth is queen of Canada (and Australia, New Zealand and a whole host of other countries) in a separate capacity from the UK. The British monarch is also the Canadian monarch and our head of state.

Evidently some people just cannot fathom this. A  minority of immigrants are making an issue about the oath of allegiance and of course self-hating White liberals and their non-White friends are ganging up on the government and the monarchy calling them repressive, bigoted and other such totally inapplicable phrases. Apparently it is unfair to tell immigrants they must swear an oath of allegiance because “human rights” or some nonsense. One must swear allegiance to the concept of a republic in republics but no one would ever say that this is unfair to monarchists. This is a double standard. Part of the issue is that monarchies are depicted as being unfair and archaic when in fact they are not. Hierarchies exist everywhere that is just a fact. Republicanism does not change this. Nor does it end “unfairness” because inequality is a fact of life. Tall is different from short, black is different from white, old is different from young, et al. Let us remember that difference is inequality. Inequality does not translate to superiority, however, but the left cannot seem to grasp this concept. Moreover, no matter how hard leftists may try hierarchies will never be extinguished.

For decades Canada has been touted as a land of opportunity, of equability; the monarchy has clearly not kept Canada back in these regards. However, republicans do not seem to be able to look beyond the surface. This is a problem with the left in general. Because republics are at face value about egalitarianism they must be… right?! Unsurprisingly, on this issue as with many others the left has a very superficial view of the world. If a man claims to be a woman then he must be and if republicanism is supposed to be egalitarian than it must be.

I have heard some try to argue that newcomers should swear allegiance to the nation. First off these people are confusing nation with country as a nation is an ethnie. Secondly, and more importantly, the monarch is the nation. The monarch is a human representation of a nation, its history and culture. And I say again: in many republics people have to swear an oath to uphold the republic and not the nation or country that it represents. Most also have republic days where they celebrate the founding of the republic. Not the nation or any of its traditions or heritage.

The monarchy is one of the last traditional institutions left to Canada; a land oversaturated with multiculturalism, mass immigration and a serious identity crisis manufactured by our liberal elite. The monarchy is one of the last pieces of our British heritage and a small yet motivated minority of traitors and selfish, arrogant foreigners want to take it away. What is far, far worse, however, is that Canadians are willing to stand with these individuals. They would rather fight alongside outsiders than stand on the barricades with their countrymen. The former government stated that the oath would remain but now once again we have calls for an end to the allegiance. No doubt brought on by the election of Justin Trudeau whose party has a long history of disregarding Canadian heritage.

Israeli Dror Bar-Natan has been allowed to stay in Canada despite basically declaring he is an enemy of our head of state. Moreover, he has set up a website to help others commit treachery as well. It should be of no surprise that his citizenship judge was Chinese and had this to say, “I hear you sir. And I thank you for your honesty…I welcome you to Canada and I look forward to the contributions you will make.”

It should not be of any surprise that the only people I have met who were against the monarchy were either non-Whites like Bar-Natan or self-hating Whites. Evidently many others, like Michael McAteer want to have their cake and eat it to; they want to have all the benefits of one country while maintaining the values and customs of their former homes. However, McAteer and others from White republics – like Ireland and the US – need to realize that those who attack monarchy in Canada are the same who attack the customs and values of their home countries as well. They despise Western civilization regardless of whether it exists in royalist or republican states.

When does all this change end? How can we ever reach an endpoint – a utopia – if there is always to be reform? The revolution moves ever onward.


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