Whites Are Indigenous

It is popular today for one to proclaim support for indigenous rights; however this is never applied to those of European descent. It should go without saying that Europe is the homeland of Whites. We are autochthonous to that continent. That being said a great many Whites do not live in Europe. As we all know Australia, New Zealand and much of the Americas are predominantly the domain of Europeans. We may not have been the first in these regions but we are without a doubt still indigenous to them.

Indigenous means someone who is innate or natural to a given area. Given that it was Whites who built Australia, New Zealand and most American countries I think it is fair to say we are innate and natural to them. Everything about these countries is based upon our civilization, be it laws or education or government, etc. Without us countries like Canada and Argentina could not exist. With the exception of the Andean and Mesoamerican regions of the Americas there were no civilizations in the Americas and none in Australia or New Zealand.

It should also be noted that outside of Mesoamerica and the Andes the population of Amerindians, Inuit and the non-White indigenes of Australia and New Zealand was quite low. This should be evident given that most peoples were nomadic or semi-nomadic groups living in tribal societies. These numbers were further reduced quite dramatically by the spread of Old World diseases that Amerindians, Aborigines, Inuit, et al. were not immune to. It was Whites who cleared and settled the wilderness and built the sprawling cities now inhabiting these landmasses. In the Americas, however, it should be noted that the Amerindian populace was in decline before Europeans arrived and has shot up again no doubt thanks to the adoption of Western medicine and technology.

Throughout the Americas even many non-Whites are of at least partial European ancestry almost exclusively on the paternal line. A great many countries in the Americas are primarily populated by mestizos or mulattos and in many cases the European inheritance is predominant. Take for example Brazil where European ancestry accounts for 62% of all Brazilians genetic heritage. Moreover, “In all regions studied, the European ancestry was predominant, with proportions ranging from 60.6% in the Northeast to 77.7% in the South.” In some countries like Colombia, Chile and Venezuela, Whites have always been minorities but strong ones. In other areas such as El Salvador they have always had a minor demographic presence. However, in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Argentina we used to be the overwhelming majority; indeed in most cases still are. A great many Whites can trace their ancestry back to the founding stock and there has been little race-mixing – at least within Australia, New Zealand and the two North American countries. Thanks to low birth rates, miscegenation, more open immigration policies encompassing the entire globe and multiculturalism, Whites are becoming minorities in the countries we used to be the majority in and yet smaller and smaller minorities in those countries where we have always been minorities.

We need to refer to ourselves as White indigenes and to Amerindians, Inuit, Aborigines, Polynesians and Torres Verdes Islanders as non-White indigenes. Doing so would not and does not need to in any way belittle or negate the autochthonous status of non-White indigenes. It would simply mean asserting our rights and claims; something until recently we never felt any shame in doing. For example, there were many organizations which referred to Europeans as natives (such as the Australian Natives’ Association and the Newfoundland Natives’ Society ), but sadly now the term native is only ever used to refer to non-White indigenes.

The whole issue regarding non-White indigenous rights is yet further evidence of the anti-White hatred inherent in the contemporary left. They claim to be in support of the rights of non-White indigenes like the Maori, but then they also call for greater immigration levels which does not in any way help non-White indigenes. And Europeans are never called indigenous when it comes to Europe. It should be clear from the fact that Whites built the countries of Australia, New Zealand and most of those in the Americas; inhabit most regions; and are a majority in several countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Argentina, Uruguay); that we are indigenous to the Americas and the Antipodes. And it should go without saying that we are indigenous to Europe.

It is high time that Whites claimed indigenous status.


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