Attacking Christianity Led to Our Decline

The Christmas season is upon us and I felt this would be as fitting a time as any for me to discuss Christianity. I am myself a Christian so obviously I have a bias towards it but I know many others in the alt-right are not and some are even virulently anti-Christian.  This is a preliminary discussion and not meant to be exhaustive or final. No doubt I will have more to say on this matter at a later date.

I am not intending to convince anyone to become a Christian but to be anti-Christian would be unwise. I would urge Whites not to abandon the faith but to try and recover it. Perhaps a new polytheistic or monotheistic identitarian religion can be created but it would be easier to just stick with what we know and already have before us.  However, I certainly understand the desire many might have about creating such a new religion given the current situation with Christianity.

Christianity has been the basis of Western civilization since the 4th century and though it may have developed in the Levant it was heavily Hellenized, to the point where it is fair to say that Greek philosophy is a major part of the bedrock of Christianity. For centuries the faith was Europe and when one referred to Christendom they meant Europe. Granted Christianity can be adopted by anyone and everyone but it is also meant to adopt to local customs and traditions, so long as they aren’t polytheistic or abhorrent, like say cannibalism or human sacrifice. As a result many customs indigenous to Europeans have become Christanised and continue to be practiced to this day.

Regardless of whether one believes in Christianity or even cares for it, there is one thing that cannot be denied: the attack on Christianity allowed for the general attack on Whites and Occidental civilization we see today coming from the left.

It really all began with the enlightenment and while it would be unfair to state that all enlightenment figures were subversive many (like Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and Rousseau) were and they set the stage for anti-Christian sentiment amongst elites; indeed the former two above mentioned philosophers were vehemently anti-Christian. The enlightenment was essentially a heretical Christian sect which has since proven itself to be the beginning of the end for Occidental civilization. Attacking Christianity is the oldest trick in the leftist book and they often go out of their way to mention White and Christian together when they discuss those who they view with contempt.

It was from attacking Christianity that internationalism and White self-hatred ultimately comes from. What started out as Whites critiquing themselves grew into self-hatred promoted often in recent times by Jews with an ax to grind. The secular and universalist notions of the enlightenment led to the emancipation of the Jews and it was not long before they became major players in the top echelons of society. No, there is not some conspiracy involving global Jewry and no not every single Jew has pushed or even agreed with the various anti-Christian and internationalist movements which have sprung up since the enlightenment, but Jews have often proved to be instrumental players in such movements which have taken the liberal notions of the enlightenment to even more extreme heights. Take for example the Frankfurt School or Boasian anthropology. Prominent Jews have often been at the forefront of such movements because they believe it to be in the best interests for the Jews – and unfortunately all peoples save Whites have self-interest. For more information on this topic I would strongly recommend Kevin Macdonald’s Culture of Critique to those who have not yet read it.[1]

Supposed Christian primitiveness is a false notion that was developed by enlightenment thinkers and it has been used ad nauseum by the left. However, it is accepted by a great multitude of individuals on all sides of the political spectrum. The self-doubt the enlightenment caused Westerners to have about the religion which formed the basis of their civilization has since grown into self-hatred and is now used as a tool against us by foreign groups.

In the case of Jews they use the supposed backwardness of Christianity and incidences of Christian attacks on Jews in order to guilt us into denigrating the faith and our heritage. However, as Kevin Macdonald notes in Separation and its Discontents, anti-Jewish sentiment has hardly been the result of random and baseless hatred. Historically the Jews were protected by the elite and were hated by the lower classes who were the ones who actually had to deal with them. Pogroms and evictions were only implemented by elites when it became clear that that was a politically tactical path to take. Jews were not serfs like Christians. Anti-Semitic acts in Christian Europe were, as Kevin Macdonald shows in Separation and Its Discontents, largely the result of the actions of elite favouritism towards Jews and their unscrupulous business dealings with the peasantry and/or economic competition between Jews and natives. Another factor that Macdonald notes is the clannishness of the Jews, which causes friction between them and non-Jews.

A multitude of others, from the agnostic Goldwin Smith to the Catholic Hilaire Belloc  have noted much the same as Macdonald. Similar actions occurred in the Islamic world and in the pre-Christian Middle East largely for similar reasons. And yet we only ever hear of pogroms and the like from Europe, largely because (i) European Jewry is the most significant force in Jewish world and they are heavily biased towards themselves (ii) Sephardim remember the privileged position they were given in Islamic Iberia.[2]

Now thanks to open migration polices other foreign groups exist in the West such as Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. Some of these groups aren’t particularly hostile towards Christianity but they are hardly supportive of it either. They in the end want what they feel is best for themselves and are more than happy to digest the anti-Christian rhetoric of the left and shame us into accepting their cultural practices with tales of White, Christian colonialism. Many cuckservatives feel that religious people will be more open to rightist policies because these religious newcomers claim to be in favor of a moral society but in the end they would much rather support the left – despite the support for gay marriage, transsexuals and atheists – because they see how the left is willing to pander to them completely. Western civilization and its Christian roots mean nothing to these newcomers who are more than happy to see it devolve so long as they can rent seek.

Christianity is in a seemingly bleak position right now but it doesn’t need to be like this. We must remember that European Christianity wasn’t always deracinated or effeminate. There used to be warrior clergy in European Christianity, starting with former soldiers who became saints in the Roman era to Irish warrior monks to the Templar, Hospitaller and Teutonic knights (who were religious orders). Moreover, The Catholic Church used to be at the forefront of defending Europe from Islamic imperialism. For the moment at least the Orthodox churches have managed to hold off the cultural relativist onslaught from the left. Christianity formed the basis of our civilization and its disposal has led to a rise of a whole host of anti-White movements and trends in our society. Furthermore, the leftist assault on Christianity has led to moral, intellectual and physical decay.




[1]Or if one prefers head over to Reactionary Tree’s blog and read his summaries.

[2] Where a hierarchy based on ethnie and religion was developed; though Jews were lower than White Muslims they were higher on the hierarchy than White Christians who formed the vast majority.


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