Rhodes Must Rise

In Britain a controversy exists around the existence of a statue to Cecil Rhodes in Oriel College, a constituent college of Oxford University. Rhodes is the namesake of the former country of Rhodesia and the Rhodes Scholarship. A similar incident occurred in South Africa, where the statue was pelted with human feces and eventually brought down.

I disagree with Rhodes’ incessant desire to spread the British Empire across the entire African continent and his unnecessary wars with the Boer republics, but having said that he was not some horrid monster. He believed that the British Empire should be a great force for good in the world, that would bring peace and prosperity the world over. It should also be noted that Rhodes was active at a time when slavery had been outlawed in Britain and as a result of Rhodes and other imperialists, slavery was almost completely extinguished. Thanks to them Western medicine and technology also made its way into regions which were completely ignorant of such developments.

Many of those calling for the destruction of Rhodes’ statue in Oriel College and many of those who called for its destruction in Cape Town University, were able to receive university level education only because of Rhodes and colonialism. Western education and knowledge was unknown to the Bantus. Indeed civilization as a whole was completely foreign to them. The students at Oxford are similarly in debt to Rhodes because with out his generous contributions they would not be studying at Oriel College. The bottom line is that students do not have to like Rhodes but to attack his legacy is stupid given how important he was to the growth of their schools. How ungrateful they are.

By putting up statues to Rhodes Oriel College and Cape Town University were simply showing some recognition to a donor. Fairly typical university policy. As the historian R. W Johnson notes  such disrespect towards past donors will scare off potential future ones. He also notes that the anti-Rhodes activists are launching an attack upon history as the destruction of Rhodes’ statue is akin to what ISIL is doing in the Levant.

Of course many of those calling for the removal of Rhodes’ statues are fiercely anti-White. As James Delingpole notes leaders of the anti-Rhodes movement include:

  • The ungrateful Rhodes Scholarship recipient Ntokozo Qwabe said “There is absolutely nothing more fulfilling than seeing socially conscious black students dominate white universities, and do so ruthlessly and decisively!”
  • Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh who is the son of the corrupt South African politician – and former lover of the absolutely vile and hateful Winnie Mandela – Dali Mpofu who is now a leading figure in the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters party, which is the third largest party in the South African National Assembly, and is led by Julius Malema who openly advocates murdering Afrikaners.
  • Chumani Maxwele who made shit-flinging a popular tactic of black student activists in Cape Town and who once stated, “we must not listen to whites, we do not need their apologies, they have to be removed from [Cape Town University] and have to be killed”.
  • Assanta Shakur a former member of the Black Liberation Army who is currently on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Another prominent anti-Rhodes activist is the black lesbian Annie Teriba who confessed to sexually assaulting colleagues on several occasions. These people are all far worse human beings than Rhodes.

There are parallels with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the United States. As with the anti-Rhodes movement, the BLM is made up of historically ignorant blacks who care not one jot about Western civilization and in many cases are openly anti-White. They are simply looking for a chance to leech off of society. Both are also more concerned with their own pet peeves than they are with actual issues of importance happening today and they feel these must be front and centre. Take for example, how BLM protesters were upset that the Paris Massacre was getting more attention than they were or how recently BLM protester Asha Long called for disrupting of Christmas travel. Any attempts to question BLM leads to accusations of racism because the very name is about how black lives are important; if you say you are against BLM then you must be a horrible racist who doesn’t think black lives are of any value! I mean like obviously!

Both movements also have plenty of non-blacks associated with them who similarly despise Whites. What is most depressing is that many of these non-blacks are Whites who are turning against their very heritage. We have seen this also with recent controversies involving other dead White men like Columbus.

This whole issue surrounding Rhodes is indicative of the modern Western university. It has been so corrupted by the left that ignorance now reigns. Moreover, students are turned into weak and pathetic creatures who believe in “safe spaces” and that statues are an act of violence. Whites are especially so as so many are desperate to kow-tow to the inane whims of uninformed non-Whites. When one really looks into the Rhodes statue controversy one finds that it is yet another example of White symbols and heritage coming under attack. Yet another example of sentimentalism being used in order to browbeat people into supporting the destruction of Western civilization.



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