When the Conquerors Become the Conquered

A recurring theme throughout history is of more cultured and sophisticated peoples being brought low by their own wealth and decadence and finally succumbing to vigorous – and in many cases morally superior – outsiders. The great Arab historian Ibn Khaldun was one of the first to discuss this phenomenon in his magnum opus Muqaddimah, noting that there was a cycle of civilization. Civilized people would create wealthy and powerful states only to be overrun by barbarians who in turn would assimilate with their conquered subjects. This indeed occurred a number of times in the Islamic world when Turkic speaking tribes and later Mongols conquered large tracts of Mesopotamia, Anatolia and the Levant only to convert to Islam and adopt Arab and Persian cultural traits and even language.

A similar trend can also be observed beyond the realms of Islam. In East Asia the Chinese were known as the great civilizing force in the region and every time China was conquered by foreigners (Jurchen, Mongols, Manchus) these people ended up adopting Confucian customs and Taoism or Chinese Buddhist religious practice. Chinese art, literature, cuisine and dress were also adopted. It was often said that the Chinese conquered not through force of arms but via exposing foreigners to their civilization.

In India the Kushans and Greeks were also assimilated after their respective conquests of northern India. The same was also true of the later waves of Islamic conquerors who despite bringing a new faith to the subcontinent largely assimilated into the larger culture of India. One such example is the Mughals who were Muslim conquerors from Central Asia. Throughout their rule of India the Mughals saw themselves as a people apart from all others and yet they married Indians and adopted many cultural traits. Emperor Akbar famously showed reverence to Hinduism and Jainism.

In Europe too there has been a long history of conquerors becoming culturally conquered by their subjects. The Roman Empire was viewed not with contempt or derision by the invading Germanic tribes but with awe and reverence. With few exceptions wherever the Germanic tribes settled within the bounds of the former empire they adopted the native variant of Latin, Christianity and Roman laws. In England the language of the conquerors remained but they too proved to be Romanophiles. Similarly when the Slavs moved into the Balkans they kept their languages and customs but they adopted the Orthodox Christianity of the Eastern Empire and were in many ways Hellenized. To this day the dual-headed eagle of Byzantium can be seen as an important symbol of Serbs, Montenegrins and Russians (who didn’t enter the Balkans but like their Jugoslavic brethren adopted Orthodoxy).

It of course helps that in the majority of cases noted above the conquerors and conquered were of the same racial background and in the cases where there were racial differences (ex: Kushans and Greeks in India, Mongols in Middle East) the conquerors came in such small numbers that they were unable to make a dent in the demographics. Moreover the pride their subjects had for their own civilization was strong enough to keep the foreigners from imposing their views on the majority. Indeed there was a great sense of reverence for the civilization that these people took over. They did their level best to ensure its continued existence.

This of course is completely unlike our contemporary world. Whites are not meant to feel any sense of pride in our accomplishments but instead are supposed to imitate the newcomers. This attitude has resulted in a whole host of foreigners coming here and adopting an anti-White stance. These people are interlopers and usurpers who keep their national and cultural pride but gleefully take part in our destruction using our broken modernist morality to promote anti-nationalist rhetoric when discussing Europeans. Take for example Yasmin Alibhai-Brown who said that to be worried about Europe not being inhabited primarily by Europeans was racist and she implies that it might be “pay-back” for imperialism – even though her Indian ancestors were imperialists too. Journalist Mehdi Hassan has also said that non-Whites are indigenous to Europe. The left will only promote indigenous rights when it can be used as a tool against Whites.

The views of people like Alibhai-Brown and Hassan have only been allowed to come to the fore because we have given up all sense of pride. The influence of cultural marxists upon the West has been absolutely devastating. Our civilization is viewed as being a mistake so it is of no consequence if it is completely trodden upon, or viewed as something which is not the result of its founding peoples and thus it doesn’t matter if there is complete demographic displacement. We have not lost any war of conquest and yet it is as if we are living under an occupation. One far worse than the Frankish conquest of Gaul or the Manchu conquest of China, as our people and way of life are disappearing; our civilization is disappearing. It is truly sickening.

It is one thing for countries to disappear and empires to fall, but it is another thing entirely for a civilization to be taken over not just politically but demographically as well. It is almost unheard of. Moreover, it is rare for the creators of an impressive and awe-inspiring civilization to attack it with such ferocity; as if it were something alien to them. And worse something that needed to be dismantled.

It doesn’t need to be this way.


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