We Must Find the Courage Again

On this day in 1699 15 years of warfare between the Turks on one side and a vast collection of European states on the other ended in a European victory. The Turks lost Montenegro and huge swathes of Hungary and Ukraine. This was hardly the first or the last war against the Turks but it was arguably the most pivotal and as a result has gone down in history as the Great Turkish War.

The single most famous action of this war was the Siege of Vienna in 1683 when Jan Sobieski led a relief force to help the embittered defenders fight off the formidable army of the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Other notable battles included the Austrian victories at Buda in 1686 and Mohacs in 1687 (revenge for the Hungarian loss in 1526). Catholic and Orthodox, east and west, were united in their shared European heritage and their desire to protect that heritage from the sword of Islam. Since the 7th century that sword had been almost ceaselessly striking at Europe. For much of the Middle Ages southern Spain and Portugal had been under Muslim control while from the 14th century on the Balkans and Ukraine also fell. The Caucasus too had largely fallen under Islamic domination with the exception of Georgia but after having been ravaged by Mongols in the 13th century Georgia’s power was extinguished and it found itself at the mercy of Sunni Turks to the west and Shia Persians to the east. Huge swathes of Europe were the playthings of Islam. But the Great Turkish War changed all that.


Jan Matejko’s depiction of Sobieski sending word of his victory at Vienna to the Pope

We must find the courage again to be like the Poles, Lithuanians, Venetians, Russians, Montenegrins, Hungarians, Germans, Serbs, Greeks, Croats, Spaniards, Ukrainians and others who held back the seemingly unstoppable Muslim tide and sent it rolling back. We must find the courage again as we now face another Islamic invasion but this time one that is undisciplined and coming from all directions. Our leaders must act like leaders or disappear into the refuse of history because we need leaders who actually care for their people and the wider European tradition. Cities and regions where few if any Muslims had ever trampled upon such as Berlin are now being flooded with Muslims from Africa and Asia. Why even those regions that fought so hard to resist Islamic penetration like Vienna are now peacefully falling under Islamic sway. In fact, it is worse now because Muslim settlement up to and including 1683 was rather low and we Whites still had high birth rates.

Mass immigration and multiculturalism are horrid viruses which infect the Western world as a whole, but there is something particularly disturbing about what is happening in Europe. This little corner of the world is the birthplace of Western civilization and to think it could possibly die out in Europe or at least portions of it, like say Malmö or Birmingham, is depressing and ghastly. Worse still is how we are seeing politicians give Europe away; they are handing it over to hordes of people who only a few centuries ago were correctly viewed as hostile. Furthermore, the media and universities are constantly pushing the overton window leftwards and browbeating the average European into accepting displacement. It is as if the sacrifices of 1683-1699 meant nothing. As if all the other myriad wars and rebellions against the Turks, Arabs and other Muslim foreigners were a complete waste of time.

It is bad enough that these people are racially different but the great differences in religion and culture only add to the madness of the current situation. They come to Europe legally and illegally yet no matter how or why they come they are treated with greater reverence than the natives. To question any act of migration is a sin but it seems that this is especially so with Muslims. No matter how many acts of sexual abuse Muslim men commit upon women, no matter how many terror attacks occur, no matter how many cities are completely changed by the impact of Muslim immigrants, no matter the growth of organizations that impose shariah law, no matter the history of Muslim oppression of Europeans which lasted well after the Great Turkish War – such as slave raids, occupation of the Balkans, harrying of Georgia – Islam and Muslims are not to be criticized. Christianity and Europids, on the other hand are fair game.

If we are not careful than the many acts of resistance to Islamic colonization, enslavement and conquest by Europeans from the 7th century until 1912 will have been for naught. And it will all be thanks to politicians, journalists, filmmakers, activists, professors, bankers, economists, religious leaders and the like, who live within Europe. Many of whom are in fact native Europeans who have abandoned any sense of pride in their ancestors and their achievements and clearly could care less about what kind of future they are providing to their descendants. Then again many aren’t having children; sadly Whites the world over are having far too few offspring.

In 1683 the enemy was without but in 2016 the greater enemy lies within.


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