Conservatism Inc.: Crush the Cucks

For years now those of us who are considered rightist but not of the mainstream Conservative Inc. or cuckservative ilk have been criticizing the mainstream for their lack of imagination and the quickness in which they cave into pressure from the left. That said, many of us have also felt a certain tie to these people because at least they aren’t leftists. That was my opinion for the longest time but since the summer I have shed this view entirely. The way that the mainstream right has reacted to the ongoing invasion of Europe, to Trump’s campaign in the United States and to the rise of populist parties like the French Front National or Alternative for Germany has really cemented my absolute despising of Conservativism Inc.

Recently the National Review, a massive conservative American journal released an edition called “Against Trump”. National Review has been consistently pushing an anti-Trump message and frequently engages in the same social signalling as the left when it comes to the topics of immigration and Islam. What was so interesting about the “Against Trump” release was that it was meant to put the spotlight on “true conservatives” who disagree with he who cannot be stumped; Donald “Crusher of Cucks” Trump. This list included the emotionally unstable Glen Beck whose The Blaze magazine is fast circling the drain; Ben Domenech who is not only a plagiarizer but well known for taking bribes and Russell Moore, who is president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and is funded by notorious internationalist George Soros. Hardly stellar people to have involved at National Review.

Moreover, many of the “Against Trump” writers are hypocrites. A big issue from them and others is that Trump isn’t conservative enough because in the past he has supported pro-life measures. Well Moore used to work with member of the US house of representatives Gene Taylor back in the 1990s when he was still a Democrat and he and Moore must have known they were working for a party that has since the 1960s had a liberal stance on social issues. As mentioned earlier Moore is also in the pockets of George Soros who is staunchly progressive. Another writer was John Podhoretz who is the son of Norman Podhoretz. Norman is a former socialist who, like many Jewish socialists, became a neoconservative. As Reactionary Tree notes,

Compared with their deep and emotionally intense commitment to Israel, neoconservative attitudes on domestic policy seem more or less an afterthought. In general, neoconservatives advocate maintaining the social welfare, immigration, and civil rights policies typical of liberalism (and the wider Jewish community). Even though most neoconservative policies do not differ from the opinions of the wider Jewish community, most Jews are not neoconservatives. That being said, most neoconservatives are Jews.

Neoconservatism was founded by the followers of a Jewish Trotskyite by the name of Max Shachtman who later abandoned his Trotskyism and became a Zionist. While he never became a conservative many of his followers did such as fellow Jews Irving Kristol, Richard Perle and Albert Wohlstetter; the latter two of whom had a great influence on the most infamous of neocons: Paul Wolfowitz. It should also be noted that that the National Review’s existence is owed to Willi Schlamm, a Jewish former communist.

The influence of the neocons has been disturbing to say the least. In 1992 the National Review published an article by Joseph Sobran in which he noted how unimportant Israel is to the US and yet how so much time is spent appeasing Israel and treating it as if it were some great ally. The next year he was canned. National Review has a long history of disassociating with and denigrating conservative individuals who dare to question immigration or Israel; two issues which the neoconservatives care deeply about. John Podhoretz, for example, worked with the Bush administration and like his father and other neocons views anything even remotely critical of Israel as being a hate crime. He also views open borders immigration as a necessity and links this directly to his Jewish heritage.

The last High Tory Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was the Lord Salisbury. Famously he noted his unease at the electing of a Parsi  MP – Dadabhai Naoroji – to the House of Commons in 1892. Salisbury felt that someone so far removed from the Britons could not be expected to properly represent them. This led to a minor incident as Naoroji’s Liberal party colleagues protested and Salisbury eventually backed down. His criticisms are just as relevant now as they were in the 19th century. This is not to say that every single person of foreign descent is going to be hostile or ambivalent to the majority culture and people, but many do and there is nothing wrong with pointing this out. Unlike the cucks who dominate Conservative Inc. today Lord Salisbury was a true conservative and looking at the way so-called conservatives who are Jewish or some other variant of Semite, East Asian, South Asian, et al. act – how flippant they are with European peoples and customs – I see the truth in Salisbury’s hesitations.

Earlier I mentioned the National Review’s “Against Trump” edition and now would like to point out that it was dominated by Jews like Michael Medved, Mona Charen (both of whom are Orthodox Jews) and Mark Helpin as well as John Podhoretz who I mentioned above. Jewish elements only care about themselves which is why they are such massive proponents of a pro-Israeli foreign policy despite the fact this in no way benefits the United States. It is also why they are so pro-immigration and hate speech laws as they feel the former will dilute the population enough to ensure that no one group is able to dominate and persecute them and the latter inhibits any critique of them.

Non-Jewish minorities are for the moment at least mostly tokens who are rather unimpressive yet Cuckservatives do everything in their power to increase the number of minorities in their ranks though this does nothing to promote conservative values. Again we see that these people have their own ethnic, racial and cultural priorities first. Take for example the Chinese Canadian Conservative politician Alice Wong whose support for multiculturalism and mass migration are just as strong as Liberal Chinese politicians like Michael Chan – who by the way may very well be in the pay of the PRC. Funny how tokens are trotted out in an attempt to try and win over non-Whites. Clearly the cucks do not even fully believe their own lies regarding identity and race. If Conservatism Inc. truly believed that race and ethnicity were unimportant than they would not engage in such low tactics or at least accept that Whites have interests and should look out for them.

One thing to note is that on the surface many non-White conservatives do appear very much conservative when they speak out against illegal immigration or against migrants not learning the language of their new home or when they speak out against abhorrent practices like “honour” violence. However, that alone is not enough to show a commitment to local cultures and customs nor does it mean they have hardline stances on legal immigration or on multiculturalism. Nor does it mean they care about protecting or promoting White interests. Most seem like White conservatives in that their main interest is classical liberal economics. As it turns out the vast majority of non-Whites support leftist parties meaning that the presence of even a few non-Whites in conservative movements really does not mean much. They do not, overall, care for limited government, the right to bear arms, free speech or any of the other major Conservative Inc. policies.

Then again the biggest of all conservative issues, laissez-faire economics, is not actually conservative. High Tories like Lord Salisbury were conservative. The Carlists were conservative. The mainstream right is in fact the descendant of classical liberalism. With the moving of the overton window leftwards classical liberals simply appear to us to be conservative but it should be clear given their absolute failure to conserve anything that they are not true conservatives.

Conservativism Inc. has totally absorbed the egalitarian falsities of the left and in doing so they allowed for the rise of no fault divorce, feminism, gay marriage, transsexualism internationalism and other leftist projects. Why even decreasing the size of government has failed! They may claim to support limited government but when it comes to hate speech laws and affirmative action policies it is clear they are all for a big government. In the US they’ve so far been able to retain the second amendment but gun rights have not been retained by conservatives beyond the States. Why in Australia it was a conservative Prime Minister that broke the traditional right to bear arms! The only area of any real success for conservatives has been disastrous foreign policies especially concerning disgustingly close and ultimately harmful ties to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

There is nothing conservative about caving into the left and accepting their premises. Nor is it conservative to support the displacement of your own kind; their cucking to non-Whites clearly has not got them anywhere.  With each passing generation we do not in fact see assimilation, other than outward signs like using English or wearing jeans. They eagerly eat up anti-White narrative of the left and like them they view even the most tepid of conservatives as dangerous extremists. John Kasich can promote illegal immigration all he wants but illegals will not support him or the GOP and nor will they protect the United States and its founding people. Indeed, neither will most legal migrants.

If Europeans disappear than expect their civilization to go as well. Yet, the cucks cannot see this and would rather take part in bashing their own people. Many sound exactly like the SJWs they claim to stand apart from. Indeed, it seems as if they constantly pander to them, for example look at how conservatives in the UK love to bash the BNP and conservatives in France love to bash the FN with far greater relish than they do leftists. Similarly Kevin D. Williams over at NRO shows the same level of hate for White workers and farmers as the left. Neither mainstream conservatives nor the left have any desire to understand White frustrations. In France recently many patriots including a former general were arrested for having taken part in a PEGIDA rally. Their arrest was only thanks to a law pushed not by the socialists but the conservative UMP.

In the end everything from the debate about the role of government to drug legalization really do not matter one jot if Occidental ethnies are severely reduced or extinguished all together. If we go than so too will our civilization and with it all the values cuckservatives claim to hold dear. The conservative movements in both the United States and the West at large have proven themselves to be Trojan horses for the left and foreigners alike. They aren’t rightist and should be treated with the same contempt we hold for the left.



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