NAxALT And Die

As everyone by now is aware on March 22nd, 2016 Islamic terrorists attacked the city of Brussels in Belgium.

The city of Brussels released a campaign to show off just how peaceful their city was called #CallBrussels just prior to Tuesday’s attacks. What poor timing. Typical liberals. The fact that the city would even need to make a campaign such as #CallBrussels shows just how poor a reputation that city has. And its all thanks to third world migration and multiculturalism.

Prior to the post-WWII period the only cultural conflict that existed in Belgium was between the Walloons and Flemish and (to a much lesser degree) Germans who share this small country. I should note that this conflict was not a violent or destructive one. The influx of non-Whites, and Muslim Turks and Moroccans in particular, has created a whole new host of problems. As with their compatriots in other Western countries the Turkish and Moroccan population of Belgium do not integrate, have low levels of education and are often criminal. The region of Molenbeek in Brussels is especially hard hit being primarily inhabited by Turks and Moroccans. Belgium has quite an active Islamist element with Shariah4Belgium being a well-known group that calls for Belgium to become an Islamic country following Islamic law. Belgium is also the biggest exporter of Islamic State recruits.

As with every other instance of Islamic violence with Brussels we see how quick the internationalists are to come out with tweets, articles and the like about how terrorism has no religion, “islamophobia” is worse than murder, blah blah blah. We saw this with the two attacks on Paris last year and just like in Paris, in Brussels we have people playing that silly overplayed piece of propaganda, John Lennon’s Imagine. A wave of indignation swept over them at the sight of people sharing information about the violent nature of Islamic texts and using hashtags like #StopIslam. These traitors care more about signalling their internationalism and supposed tolerance than they do for the victims of Islamic terror.

A common argument is NAxALT: Not all x are like that. In this case x = Muslims. In order to back up this argument they often point out that many more Muslims die because of terrorism but of course they fail to mention that they are victims of their fellow Muslims. Muslims slaughtering each other hardly proves their point. And the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists doesn’t change the fact that a minority can have a major impact. And aggressive or not these people are completely foreign to the West and just shouldn’t be here in the first place. Still others have tried to suggest that criticism of Islam or wanting to keep Muslims out of the West is exactly what Islamic State wants! Oh libtards, what will you think of next?

The lengths that liberals will go to defend Muslims despite their open and obvious illiberal views is incredible. Many point out the hypocrisy of the regressive left for claiming to be in support of human rights, homosexual marriage, abortion, feminism, etc. while simultaneously defending Muslims despite their faiths conflict with prog values. I’m all for people continuing to do this but in the end the left doesn’t care about human rights or the like. In the end it is simply anti-White. They hate Western civilization and they hate Europids because it is our creation. Though Islam is not a race and there are many White Muslims the vast majority are non-White and the Islamic civilization is something separate from the West. Of course Muslims are more than willing to be allies of the left on this issue because they are willing to support whomever will prostrate before them; they could care less about prog ideology.

Even regressive leftists like Peter Tatchell are denounced as racists for pointing out that Islam comes into conflict with their inane beliefs. They try to bully people by saying they are just fearful but the left uses fear to promote their cause all the time. Moreover, people have every right to be afraid given Islam’s track record.

In the case of Belgium the predominant inhabitants may soon be foreign races if current trends continue. Already the capital of Brussels is believed to be well over a third non-European of which the majority of this number is Muslim. It seems that whenever Muslims become a sizable enough minority they go on the offensive and attempt to impose their values on society at large. Time to realize that liberal arguments like NAxALT are a hindrance. Time for Belgium and the West as a whole to take its own side. 

It may already be too late. For all their talk of peace and tolerance the left has set Europe on the course for ethnic cleansing of some description and regardless of whether the victors are the Islamic hordes or the indigenous Europeans expect the left to suffer. The indigenes will rightfully hate them for being traitors while the Charlie Hebdo attack shows that Muslims could care less about these people; they are useful idiots and nothing more.


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