New Zealand Flag Redux

My very first post way back in November 2015, when I started this blog, was on the two-part referendum concerning the New Zealand flag. This past week this unnecessary process finally ended with New Zealanders voting in favour of the flag. The old flag received 56.7% while the winner of the first referendum won 43.2%. I would have preferred if the current flag had won a higher percentage but its still a majority.

New Zealand

The old flag won in the end. Long may it wave over New Zealand 

Prime Minister John Key must be pretty devastated about the result even if publicly he claims otherwise. This referendum was completely his decision and he made it very clear he wanted a change. Key publicly wore pins with the new flag and made public appeals making silly points about why it was necessary to waste money on a referendum no one was asking for. His party held secret meetings which were only meant to be attended by flag change supporters.

Key’s party is supposed to be fiscally conservative but around NZ$ 26 million was wasted on this referendum. Hardly responsible management of money. As I noted in my first article, changing the flag is yet another act of national self-hatred. New Zealanders like Canadians and Australians are meant to despise their British heritage and roots. Whites in general aren’t meant to show any pride in their heritage.

None of the flags meant to change the current one had the ensign on it.

Interestingly enough in Tuvalu the flag was briefly changed from its union jack flag to one with out the union jack which was disliked by the populace who saw the union jack as a royal symbol. While the Queen is not Tuvaluan or otherwise Polynesian they see the monarchy as an important unifying symbol which represents them all regardless. I would also venture to guess that most recognize that the imperial period was not one of horror, distress or discomfort for them; unlike the self-hating Whites and even more moderate liberals and cucks of New Zealand and the other dominions who foolishly wallow in shame.

This sadly will not be the end. The political class has made it clear that eventually there will be a vote on republicanism and I’m sure if that is to happen than another flag referendum will be in New Zealand’s future. For all their talk of democracy these kiwis like their republican counterparts in Australia really don’t care for democracy. They will make the people vote until their side wins. For now at least there is a respite.



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