Canada Yes!

Earlier this month in Nova Scotia it was reported that Chebucto Heights Elementary School Canadian children were being bullied by newly arrived Syrians. Supposed refugees. The Syrian children were doing more than just verbally insulting their Canadian classmates, however. They were physically harming them; including choking. Apparently some also gave throat slitting gestures to terrify the poor young canucks. The Halifax Chronicle-Herald was one of the first papers to break this story relating this information and also of how the school was trying to keep the parents in the dark on what was happening to their children. The paper came under a lot of fire from other members of the media. It wasn’t long before the Chronicle-Herald retracted their statements and removed the story entirely.

No surprise the overly saturated with leftist nonsense media was against this story. No surprise that the school board would be against it either given that it makes them look so damn terrible. Apparently the fact that people had begun to leave illiberal comments about Muslims and Syrians was also too much for the Chronicle-Herald to bear. Faith Goldy’s reporting supports the Chronicle-Herald’s infamous first article. I can’t say whether she is correct or not but given what we know of Muslim and Afro-Asiatics behaviour in general I’m not in anyway surprised that something like this could have occurred. Its sad that the media would do what they could to cover up this story instead of trying to disprove it. This is typical behaviour from internationalists who care more about pushing their despicable agenda than they do about protecting people and we have seen this time and time again in Europe.

One of the worst examples of internationalist in Canada is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Though his predecessor was in favour of letting in Syrians he was not as gung-ho about it as Justin who allowed 25,000 into the great white north by the end of February.

Trudeau’s worldview stems from the policies of the Liberal party under his father and even before him; under Pearson. This article from the New York Times  gives a pretty good – if horribly internationalist and anti-traditional – description of what has happened to Canada under the aegis of Trudeau’s party,

What the world knows as a progressive modern Canada was created largely under the rule of the Liberal leader Lester Pearson and then Pierre Trudeau in the ’60s and ’70s, when the country began to sever its ties with Britain and assert its own identity. The country created a new flag, replacing the Union Jack with the Maple Leaf, and adopted a national anthem. Quintessential Canadian characteristics – universal medical care, bilingualism, multiculturalism, a strong voice for peace and development at the United Nations – were born during that era. The earliest major political initiative of Pierre Trudeau in the late ’60s was to decriminalize homosexuality. “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation,” he said. In rapid succession, Trudeau legalized abortion, funded the arts and promoted a race-blind immigration policy, which over time would transform the great cities of the country into polygot metropolises.

Of course pathetic Trudeau fan-boy Guy Lawson forgets to mention that the policies of Pearson and Trudeau Sr. were not desired by Canadians but forced upon us. The anti-White and particularly anti-British (the majority of English-speaking Canadians are of English and/or Scottish descent) activities of these internationalists has been absolutely destructive. Canada has one of the largest immigrant intakes in the world and we have ever expanding quotas issued meaning we focus on quantity over quality of migrants. Since the late 1960s Canada has had a whole new identity manufactured for us which is anti-national. To quote Justin Trudeau:

There is no core identity, no mainstream Canada… There are shared values – openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice. Those qualities are what make us the first postnational state.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Not only does Justin use a host of empty sentimental phrases meant to prey upon emotion but we see him attack the very country he leads. Our heritage which is overwhelmingly European and more specifically British and French has no meaning. The vision our ancestors strived for is being shattered by people like Trudeau who literally said that Canada needed half of its federal government’s cabinet members to be women because “its 2015.” Trudeau has also suggested that fighting terrorists is our loss and that division (cultural, ethnic, racial, religious) is a strength. He is a walking stereotype of the brainless, signalling prog.

This month Justin also announced that once again Canada will make an official apology to the ever-growing Sikh community for not letting in a bunch of illegal immigrants led by a member of a terrorist organization land in BC in 1914.  No doubt when this new apology – which is to be read in parliament – is issued we will hear similar quotes from Justin as the one mentioned above. No doubt we will hear of how we are a nation of immigrants and how we need to be more welcoming and open to the world. Of course the “nation of immigrants” meme is a false one.

Justin is anti-Canadian. What he loves about Canada is what can only be found amongst radical left student unions on university campuses, at the CBC and in chic largely SWPL neighbourhoods. The true Canada that still exists beyond the confines of Greater Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver is foreign to him. So too is our history which no doubt he despises as being ‘racist’, ‘colonial’ and ‘backward.’ I believe it was Michael Enoch of who once stated that Obama didn’t love America he loved the liberal dream of what America should be. Much the same could be said of Trudeau.

Of course we can see similar attitudes from the liberal elite as well as acts of non-White violence being covered up, use of sentimentalism by liberal elites to obfuscate and the needless apologizing for perceived wrongs of our ancestors in the rest of the Occident. But in Canada it is particularly noticeable. I’d say its on par with Sweden, which has become something of a joke in right-wing circles.

However, I will say this for the nations of Europe including Sweden: at least they can look back to thousands of years of continuous existence in that area. Canada may be a European creation with a majority European populace, but it is not terribly old and the non-White indigenes are always brought up as a way to guilt Whites into accepting migration from everywhere. We can see that even in places like Sweden and Germany which have been heavily infiltrated with internationalist propaganda that there is a reaction and a growing one at that to current trends. Granted the United States is in a similar position to Canada vis-à-vis Amerindians, but the Americans are lucky to have a strong belief in free speech which makes it easier to fight against liberal fallacies, and also for the rising Trump candidacy.

The only hope I can see for Canada is that America and Europe truly do go down a rightist path. There is always the problem that if America and Europe become more rightist we will signal against it ever harder especially now that we have such a ridiculous leader as Trudeau. Overtime, however, America and Europe moving in that direction would be for for our betterment because nationalist opinion would gain a certain cache that it probably wouldn’t if it were simply coming from locals. It would become more acceptable to Canadians if their neighbours and allies were to do away with leftist garbage (and of course it would be what is in the best interests for America and Europe so I wholeheartedly support the revival of nationalism in those regions).

Canada has been going down a terrible road of self-hate and destruction for decades now, but things are clearly picking up speed. The Trudeau years have only just started but I have a feeling they are going to be long and triggering.



[1]Lawson says that Trudeau’s campaign in part borrowed from that of his Liberal predecessor Wilfred Laurier. Funny that, given how completely different these two men are from each other.


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