America First

This week has been quite an important one in this seemingly never-ending US primary season. Donald Trump, who is destined to become the next GOP presidential candidate, laid out his foreign policy proposals. Go ahead and read the speech in its entirety.

Trump reiterated his commitment to combating illegal migration, his dislike of NAFTA and a “desire to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China.” He called for America’s allies to increase their defense budgets as they aren’t paying their fair share and for America to focus on itself; to avoid unnecessary foreign engagements. He reiterated his commitment to crushing ISIS and rebuilding the American economy and military.

Trump also mentioned a wish to “reinvigorate Western values and institutions.” Here’s hoping that is an attack on cultural Marxism. He also stated that he wanted to “upgrade NATO’s outdated mission and structure – grown out of the Cold War – to confront our shared challenges, including migration and Islamic terrorism.” Given the rest of his speech I take it that means an end to escalating tensions with Russia and instead turning NATO into an organization to combat Islamic terror.

Perhaps his speech could be best summed up with this quote: “Americans must know that we are putting the American people first again. On trade, on immigration, on foreign policy – the jobs, incomes and security of the American worker will always be my first priority.”

This policy has come under a lot of fire from many sections of society. Because Trump used the term ‘America First’ he is now under fire from that supremely grotesque organization the Anti-Defamation League. America First was the name of an anti-war movement which included a whole host of supporters from across the political spectrum, including famed pilot Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh was an American patriot and a world-famous pilot who felt the Second World War was a conflict which did not concern the United States. Lindbergh also happened to speak out against Jewish elements that were calling for war. The ADL notes this and so too has Kevin MacDonald in the introduction to his seminal Culture of Critique  (pages xii-xviii). Susan Dunn and little lying Ben Shapiro have also made statements much to the same effect as the ADL in regards to the America First comment. Most Americans and perhaps Trump as well are totally unaware of the organization, Lindbergh’s association with it or his life and views beyond the kidnapping and murder of his son. Of course Lindbergh also targeted the British correctly noting that they too urged for America to enter the fray but no one ever calls him an Anglophobe. No doubt Britain and France would have been better off staying out of a Germano-Polish conflict as well.

In the case of Shapiro, we see how vitriolic and hateful many so-called conservatives and Jewish ones at that are towards Trump. He attacks Trump for having been a former supporter of the 2002 Iraq war and 2011 NATO intervention in Libya and now having changed his mind. Newsflash lil Benny: a great number of prominent persons were in favour of both conflicts but good on Trump for having come to his senses. He also takes offence at “lives wasted” line. Those lives were wasted; that isn’t anti-veteran. Of course he is in hysterics concerning Trump’s mid-east policy and willingness to not definitively take Israel’s side in its conflict with Palestine.

It is in that same vein that so many neocons are against Trump’s calls for better relations with Russia. Remember that the neocons are an overwhelmingly a Jewish movement and many Jews hold Russophobic views because of long history of mistrust and conflict (pogroms in late 19th century; Soviet and later Russian Federation support for Syria, Egypt and other anti-Israeli states). Added to this are republicans of all ethnic backgrounds who fail to realize the Cold War was about combating communism and not Russia. An America first policy is displeasing to neocons because it means America will do what is best for Americans and fixing relations with Russia and avoiding unnecessary confrontations abroad are in Americans’ best interest. Similarly it is displeasing for the left which generally could care less about American patriotism.

So-called conservatives like Shapiro, David Marcus and others use the scare tactic of trade war and the like when condemning Trump’s foreign policy. As Ian Fletcher, Ha-Joon Chang and other economists have pointed out free trade is a false idol. Especially in the current year where China and other countries manipulate their currencies, keep certain goods out of their markets, etc. Historically speaking, the US economy boomed during late 19th century when it was protectionist. Same was true of France and Prussia (and its successor the German Empire). The Germans and Americans were able to give laissez-faire Britain a run for its money. In our day many wealthy countries like Japan, South Korea and  Israel are hardly worshipers of free trade and yet they aren’t poor and distraught nations. I’m not particularly disposed towards protectionism but nor am I some dogmatist like the neocons and other cucks claim to be in regards to the free market. Something the GOP has time and time again proven to not really be too concerned with. Free trade means nothing if it leads to outsourcing, ‘rust belts’ and cheap foreign labour.

People on all sides of the political spectrum have called Trump’s policy dangerous. As noted above neocons and other so-called conservatives bring up Israel and free trade. On the left we have concerns that America putting itself first is somehow reckless, or at least that is what Hilary supporter and former secretary of state Madeline Albright would have you believe. Madeleine Albright once said 500,000 Iraqi lives was justified to get embroiled in some conflict America didn’t need to concern itself with and yet she and others like her have the audacity to criticize Trump? Similarly, there are condemnations of his tough stance on illegals and Muslims. Given the damage these groups cause and the fact that they are made up of people so completely separate from the majority White American culture it is fair to say Trump’s positions are correct.

Generally speaking, those on the dissident right have given favorable reviews of Trump’s policy (ex: Porter and Buchanan) but others have noted flaws. One such individual is Lawrence Murray who, despite generally being a yuge fan, has made some good criticisms, namely that Trump has had to water things down to appease the GOP,

A genuine America First nationalist foreign policy would be a huge improvement over what we have now. But from the content of Trump’s speech, it seems he is not there 100% and this would be an incremental change rather than a paradigm shift. Such dilution is entirely consistent with how electoral politics work in a universal franchise democracy—policy positions become watered-down when their standard-bearer has to deal with his opponents. Trump’s rhetoric is, on the whole, the right place to be.

As he notes this is to be expected. For me the biggest problem was the anti-Iran stance. I could care less for the Islamic Republic but its not a threat to the US,

Our security is not threatened by a nuclear Iran, as we have, frankly, a bigger gun. We have and will always have more warheads and more missiles, and more importantly, a greater second-strike capability, which is the cornerstone of the mutually-assured destruction school of nuclear deterrent. If Iran tries to nuke a single US city, there will be no Iran the next day.

Hey look at that Marcus, Kristol, Shapiro, Podhoretz et al; Trump is putting Israel first on the Iranian issue!

Trump’s foreign policy may not be perfect but it is a step in the right direction in the current political climate. No more “invade the world invite the world” foolishness.


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  1. oosorio456 says:

    Gop is divided into two parts


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