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An historic victory has just occurred! On June 23rd Britain voted to leave the European Union!

Now granted this isn’t quite as spectacular as some are making it out to be. If I may quote myself,

Britain leaving the EU does not mean an end of cultural marxism or White self-hatred but it does allow individual countries to scale back on migration and gives more chance of healthy discussions on immigration, culture, heritage, et al. It would also be a huge blow to internationalism and give other members a chance to leave as well, because its not just Brits who want out.

In the short term there could be hardship as the banks were against Britain leaving and so too were many major corporations. So too were the majority of politicians and media personalities who are trying to make it seem as if the leave vote was some great calamity. But as I say, in the long run this will have great consequences.

It was also quite a close run thing with the remain campaign receiving just under half the votes. This was to be expected but one would still have liked to have seen an all out thrashing of remain. It is unfortunate that there was such a major age split with young people being largely in favour of BREMAIN. This is not a healthy sign of things to come. Many fear the possibility of the EU and/or British government forcing another referendum or simply ignoring it or otherwise ensuring that BREXIT fails. I’m more optimistic on this one as I think any attempt to overturn or ignore the results would catastrophic results for the establishment; I don’t think they really want that.

There are calls for a second referendum but interestingly enough the Scots (who overwhelmingly supported BREMAIN) aren’t the ones leading the charge on this one – instead it is London which is essentially an enemy occupied city and ignorant, arrogant and privileged university students in Oxford and Cambridge who could care less about their nation or ancestors.

This vote was interesting in some ways and in other ways predictable. On the one hand it was predictable that England voted mainly to leave and Scotland mainly voted to stay. On the other hand, the Welsh largely voted to leave as well which I wasn’t expecting; at least not for anywhere but the rural centre and border-region. Even the heavily populated and former industrial centres voted primarily for BREXIT. Perhaps the largely left-leaning voters of Wales were influenced by the likes of Arthur Scargill, George Galloway, David Owen or Jenny Jones; all leftist and all anti-EU. Or perhaps the Welsh working class like White workers across the globe, have woken up to the treachery of the parties they formerly supported. To paraphrase Trump, they have rejected the false song of globalism.

Another interesting occurrence was the way Rotherham, Birmingham and other areas with large non-White populations voted; they too supported BREXIT. Did the non-Whites have lower turnouts? Then again some non-Whites may also fear what immigration laws will be like in the EU. Galloway’s Respect party has many Muslim supporters so perhaps he had an influence. The Whites in those areas had probably had enough of Labour lies and deceit.

In the case of former Labour supporters of any racial background the fact that the NHS will have more money freed up for its use was surely a factor in supporting leave. Many were also upset at the willful ignorance of the establishment which would rather sit around pretending to be ‘enlightened’ whilst selling their country to banking and corporate interests and screwing over their own people.

Gibraltar and Northern Ireland much like Scotland voted to stay and as with Scotland this was expected. In Gibraltar’s case it is due to their tense relations with Spain, though given how the Spanish weren’t supportive of them in the EU I am not convinced Britain leaving will make too much of a difference. In the case of Northern Ireland, the vote was roughly split based on Catholic and Protestant lines with the former being pro-EU. No doubt many Protestants also voted to stay for fear of what leaving might do to their situation. I doubt that there will be a united Irish republic even with Sinn Fein making such calls. London isn’t going to allow it, many Catholics are probably still as pro-UK as they were before the referendum and finally Dublin really, really does not want this to happen. They don’t want that headache.

And speaking of Scottish independence, that may very well become a reality now. Given the demographics of the failed 2014 referendum and the fact that the SNP hasn’t stopped calling for independence and is the majority party in Scotland, it is highly likely that there would be an independence vote regardless of the outcome of the EU referendum. But now it seems all but guaranteed. Funny how the Scots are so pro-EU given that the EU doesn’t think much of them. If Scotland had voted to leave in 2014 then possibility that it wouldn’t have been allowed into the EU,

José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, said enough to imply that an independent Scotland would also be excluded from membership of the EU and might face a veto from existing members if it applied to join. This created great uncertainty, especially in agricultural areas.

Interestingly enough the European Commission has been rather unsupportive (so far) of Scotland’s pro-EU attitude. They see no reason to encourage the creation of an “independent” EU Scotland. This is especially true of EU members with their own separatist movements like Spain.

If Scotland were to leave then no doubt the SNP would fail  to make Scotland the social-democratic paradise they envision, but hey the former is perhaps me being overly pessimistic and the latter is Scotland’s problem. In the end it is England that had most to lose from staying in the EU, particularly as they bear the brunt of immigration. Why should Scotland weigh the English down? With any luck the SNP would fail and give way to a truly nationalist party.

The remain camp was absolutely hysterical on the lead up to the election and sadly they had an influence on outsiders. On this side of the pond, Obama, Clinton, Trudeau, former BC premier Gordon Campbell  and other politicians came out in favour of BREMAIN. As was to be expected so too did many in the media such as the Globe and Mail’s Douglas Saunders. Now Saunders isn’t that important a person but I bring him up because (i) I have discussed him before and (ii) he is indicative of journalists both in Canada and throughout Greater Europe.[1]

The general tone coming from pro-EU campaigners in Britain and abroad was very negative and often anti-British. The murder of Jo Cox was ruthlessly used as an attempt at shaming people into voting BREMAIN who also frequently used the now meaningless slurs of ‘racist’ and ‘nazi’ when referring to BREXIT supporters. The hysterics of the remain campaign no doubt proved more than enough to convince people that it was time to leave the EU.

Many brought race into the campaign which the BREXIT crowd was generally trying to avoid. Sure they mentioned immigration but generally kept it to European migrants and Turks. Near the end, however, Farage did use that great poster showing West Asian and African “refugees” flooding into Europe in search of more ‘gibsmedat’ to great effect. Typical of many so-called far right parties (such as the anti-EU UKIP) in Europe is a belief in civic nationalism making them little different in many cases from more mainstream and established parties. The main difference is that they are anti-political correctness and happen to also be critical of Islam; they shy away from the topic of race. However, at least they are against the EU.

Though most voters did not vote on the issue of race and that was clearly what the Leave campaign was about, many journalists and other internationalists such as Saunders and the assorted riff-raff that works for the Guardian have tried to make it seem as if race was the defining issue and the anti-EU voters lost because there won’t be an end to non-White migration. As I just mentioned this is completely false and the sore losers are desperately trying to come up with a narrative that can make themselves feel superior over the victorious BREXIT side. But since race is now being brought up let us hope that more and more Whites will wake up to the effects of non-White migration and to the absolutely palpable anti-White hysteria of the media.

If BREXIT is indeed the new reality, then it is important for Britons not to sit back and think they’ve done their duty and can now rest. As James Lawrence states,

We should drive the force of their ire against the cosmopolitan ruling elites in both the nation-states and the EU superstructure, and damp down intra-European hatreds wherever possible. We should proclaim a general movement for liberty from globalised, corporate-bureaucratic forces that rule everywhere while being loyal to nowhere, and try to spread “independence fever” as wide as possible throughout the continent of Europe. We must understand that any attempt to build true and positive European unity and cooperation must wait until after the anti-European political establishments oppressing us have suffered death by a thousand cuts.

How necessary a new Pan-European federation is I cannot say but he is correct that Britons and proud Occidentals everywhere must continue to condemn the anti-national and anti-White elites that rule over us. As I said earlier this is a huge blow to internationalism and the EU more specifically. Momentum is with us and we mustn’t let it falter.


Post Script

Shortly after after publishing this I was told that in fact the EU has told Scotland they cannot stay in. They will have to leave with the rest of the UK and then try and apply afterwards if they ever become independent. There is no way they could even find a middle ground and be both in the UK and in the EU.



[1]Doug has spent much of his career promoting the flooding of White nations with hordes of Afro-Asiatic adherents to Islam. He is always so eager to blame anything but Islam whenever there is a terrorist attack like the recent one in Orlando (which apparently is the fault of poverty and White Christian bigotry) but is quick to tie all right leaning Whites with terrorism for the actions of a small minority. He has also called Trump voters terrorists, refuses to accept the reality of race; and like so many ill-informed and historically inaccurate members of the media he has stated that Western civilization is about deracination, open borders and civic nationalism


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