Canada Day

July 1st 1867 is the date when the Dominion of Canada came into being. Until the 1982 when the Liberal government sneakily changed the name to Canada Day. Now I don’t believe this change needs to be a negative one, surely Canada Day is as good a title as any, but the Liberal party was and is concerned about changing Canada’s identity and throwing away vestiges of the largely British past in favour of multiculturalism. Sadly the so-called Conservatives and basically every other party is willing to follow suit.

I’ve written a piece for the Council of European Canadians on the subject. Go check it out.

Canada Day could be a day to celebrate our European (and specifically British and French) heritage and a day to look upon the fathers of confederation with pride but instead it is to be a multicultural, postnational fest where anything and everything but the European founders is celebrated. One can’t look back with pride on say John A. Macdonald because he was a some racist, cis-hetero “fucking White male”, but we can look (and should look) at Canada Day as a day to celebrate foreigners, any and all sexual deviancy, feminists and whatever else is deemed “progressive.” Similar trends are also visible in other White countries.

Well here is a happy Canada Day or if one prefers Dominion Day, for all those who haven’t fallen for the anti-national and anti-White virus.


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