Never-ending Cultural Enrichment in Germany and France

Since starting this blog I have only written about one Muslim terror attack, the Brussels one. I haven’t really seen the point in writing about any others because they are so common place. I suppose nothing has changed but to hell with it here is another post about Muslim terror.

This past month has seen several attacks by Muslims in France and Germany. Nice, Munich, Reutlingen, Ansbach and now Rouen. In many of the German cases the perpetrators have been identified as Syrian refugees.

The alt-right, dissident right, NRx, et al. have time and time again pointed out that Muslim migration should not be promoted because their faith is a violent creed which splits the world into two camps: the house of Islam and the house of war. Not to mention their propensity for other types of crime like rape (best example for we Anglophones being Rotherham) and just general criminality. Legal migrants who were coming to Europe before the recent refugee crisis were proving to be a problem but Merkel’s suicidal signalling has exacerbated this problem greatly.

These recent events have been so close to each other and with exception of Nice have had low causality rates meaning most people aren’t paying attention. But when they do it is the same reaction we saw with Brussels, Paris, Orlando and all the other many attacks by Muslims in Greater Europe:


Almost immediately we see condemnations of the right for daring to notice trends and hear exclamations of “not all Muslims.” Eventually the events are forgotten.

The fetid cults of immigration and multiculturalism blind people to seeing the oh so plain and obvious truth that Muslim migration is just not worth it. These people are clearly too separate from us culturally and religiously but also – in the vast majority of cases – racially as well. When you have such disparate groups coming together the results are never good; at best they lead to isolation and alienation and at worst diversity + proximity = war. And we are seeing the beginnings of low-level warfare in Europe now thanks to the overly generous migration policies of treacherous politicians. In time we could see full-on ethnic cleansing the likes of which that continent has not seen since the fall of Yugoslavia, but this time it will be far worse as at least the inhabitants of Yugoslavia were racially the same and in most cases were native speakers of the same basic language.

Thankfully people are waking up. This most current of the current years has seen a dramatic surge in alt-right presence online and even in real life we can see rightist movements gaining political ground throughout the West. I hope positive change in a nationalist direction will not come too late.


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