All Cultures Are Equal? Nah!

Multiculturalism is a truly despicable and suicidal policy. A major aspect of multiculturalism is cultural relativism, namely that all cultures are equal and so there can be no one dominant force. Canada and Australia have official multicultural policies but most other countries in Greater Europe unofficially follow multiculturalism as well.

But one has to ask oneself: are all cultures truly equal? The answer is an emphatic no.

How can we compare what our civilization has been able to accomplish, especially in the field of science, with cultures that didn’t advance beyond the stone-age like the Australian Aborigines?

How can one truly compare our civilization to cultures that practice throwing acid in the faces of women, female genital mutilation, foot binding, human sacrifice (which was taken to an almost industrial scale by the Aztecs), animal cruelty (ex: kosher and halal slaughter or dog consumption in China), the willful destruction of ecology, or of ancient cities, ritual child abuse,  rape and sexual assault, etc., etc.?

Indeed, it is clear that most on the left do not truly believe in relativism as they from time to time speak out against such events. However, they are unable to fully condemn relativism and multiculturalism. Instead their answer is to call for more of these people to be imported here and try and educate them about how to act. This is a complete waste of time, money and resources on our part. Why bother ourselves taking in people who are so separate from us racially and culturally? Cultural relativism makes it especially difficult to assimilate people because by its very nature there can be no assimilation; all are equal and valid. We have imported problems because we were silly enough to go along with the lie sold to us that cultural relativism was a reality.

One doesn’t have to support imperialism and imposing Western values on non-Western peoples but to believe that all cultures are the same is disingenuous if not just plain stupid. Personally as much as I detest the examples given above if they are to happen outside of the West than that is not our problem. We’d be much better off to ensure that our culture and values are strong and protected in our lands as in the end we are the only ones who will actually care to defend them. We must stop screwing ourselves over by importing non-White and let us leave the rest of the world to do what they will to each other.


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