Mr. Current Year on Immigration

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Recently Canada’s Prime Minister Justin “It’s the Current Year!” Trudeau met with Londonistan’s mayor Sadiq Khan (who calls Trudeau an inspiration). The hot topic of immigration came up and Trudeau decided to impart us with his wisdom on the subject. He stated that the issue of Muslim immigration was the same as Italian and Greek immigration to Canada in the 1950s. The first generation has problems integrating but their descendants fit in just fine, so don’t worry about it, man!

Of course there is the huge difference of Italians and Greeks being White and Christian and Muslims being a completely alien group of peoples; not just linguistically but racially, culturally and religiously as well. In the case of Muslims, terrorists are often 2nd- and 3rd-generation. So much for integration.

A (probably hysterical) journalist then asked what could be done to stop fear of immigrants, to which Trudeau replied that it was nothing new and “citizens should ‘keep a solid pressure’ to ensure human rights and the country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms are respected by all Canadians.” Trudeau also stated that Canada “didn’t happen by accident.” No it didn’t. It was the creation of generations of Whites who built up one of the most prosperous countries that has ever existed out of a vast and foreboding wilderness. This appeal to citizens to “keep a solid pressure” is essentially saying the Canadian people need to fully accept Dildolech and ensure their friends, neighbours and coworkers do as well. Or else face social ostracism.

If you ask me, fear of immigrants is totally justified considering immigration is essentially just the marginalisation and displacement of Canada’s White founding stock. Especially justified when it comes to groups that have a penchant for rape and turning themselves into human sticks of dynamite.

Trudeau’s views, as much as they fucking trigger me, are hardly novel or unexpected. His premiership has been a long promotion of anything and everything progressive. Whether it be sodomy, drug liberalization, feminismi or completely giving in to the Amerindian gibsmedat program which is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Last year Trudeau claimed that Canada is “post-national” and essentially has no core identity. This comment has since been praised by the liberal media. They see Canada as nothing more than an experiment. Charles Foran openly admits to this. Like Trudeau he continues with the lie that we are a ‘nation of immigrants.’ Moreover, he suggests that the 67% of Canadians who support the oh so tepid screening of immigrants for anti-Canadian values is horrible because Canada has no values (everything is ever changing) and we’re all human beans! Journalists south of the 49th also swoon over Trudeau and Canada’s suicidal immigration policy.

There are many white pills out there: Brexit, the rise of Trump, Hanson’s return to relevance Down Under, but in Canada it is a different story. The cults of multiculturalism and immigration have taken deep roots in the great huwyte north and they don’t seem to be coming loose anytime soon. Much of our destiny, I believe, is reliant upon what happens in November. A Hillary win sees total triumphalism from the liberal establishment while in the short term even a Trump victory could be bad. Trudeau would signal so damn hard against the United States.

But in the long term it could mean the rise of similar White populist movements north of the 49th. The Conservative party leadership race is underway and already we have seen candidate Kellie Leitch call for having stricter immigration laws. Granted she is only concerned with screening for cultural compatibilities but a Trump victory could see her and others adopting hardline views.
Clearly there is a desire for a restrictive immigration policy as 2/3 of Canadians want screening for anti-Canadian values, which is pretty damn tepid but hey, it’s something. I am happy to see how the comment sections of most major Canadian news sites (including our state-owned monstrosity the CBC) are filled with comments decrying Trudeau’s pro-“refguees” policy (the number to be taken in keeps rising; it was at one point supposed to be 25,000 but now I hear it has been risen to 50,000), multiculturalism and the like.

The Tories need to wake up to the fact that their base is tired of being taken for a ride by Harperist cucks. For the moment this isn’t likely, but again, a Trump victory could change this. It could be what is necessary for the survival and perpetuation of the right in Canada. Or at least that is the hope, fam.

PS. My favourite part of Trudeau’s meeting with Khan was his response to questions regarding his visiting mosques that have gender segregation:

“He was recently criticized online and in some Canadian media for visiting a mosque in Ottawa where women and men were kept separate. The prime minister said Canadians should engage with all communities. “The question is, do you engage or participate or say ‘I’m not going to talk to you until you hit the norm or the perfect ideal that we all aspire to’,” he said. “I think (the latter) is wrong.””

No surprises there. When it really comes down to it these leftists aren’t feminist or egalitarians or the like. No at the end of the day they are anti-Whites and everything they do is to destroy Occidental civilization.



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