Make America Aware of the Jewish Question Again

This election is the most divisive in living memory, perhaps the worst since the 1860s. The media has been slinging everything it possibly can at Trump in an attempt to make him lose the election. One of the most common tactics is to call Trump a bigot of some kind: racist, sexist, etc. It seems to vary; some weeks one is more popular than the other. Currently anti-Semite has been gaining traction, especially given his recent speech in Florida which was largely directed at condemning the media and establishment as a whole. Evidently condemnations of this kind are “anti-Semitic.”

Here are but a few examples:

Gabriel Sherman, National Affairs editor at New York Magazine, tweets that any criticism of globalism and the media is in fact anti-Semitism. Here is the journalist Julia Ioffe, doing the same. Matthew Yglesias tries to make fun of JQ but only makes it more well known and statements like this will only make people start to see Jews as being distinct from Whites (which of course they are) . Haaretz recently noted how many of the individuals Trump has spoken out against are Jewish and this is thus a form of anti-Semitism. Never mind that these are all also corrupt and despicable persons. Johnathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL, also condemned Trump for anti-Semitism in a recent speech in which he condemned globalism, even though Trump never actually mentioned Jews.

But then again Jews have always been more likely to vote Democrat and have never been Trump fans. According to Laura Epstein from Right Wing Watch, a project of People For the American Way,

Donald Trump and his campaign have promoted anti-Semitism, white nationalism, and xenophobia the entire time he’s been running for president,” Epstein said. “Sadly, it seems we’ll see more and more xenophobia and anti-Semitism coming out of the wood work because of Trump’s campaign, and that certainly won’t end even if we do defeat Trump this November.”

Thanks to liberal and Jewish hysterics anti-Semitism and counter Semitism have become more prominent; at least online.

Most people aren’t thinking about anti-Semitism when they hear critiques of the media or corporations or finance because we’ve been told constantly over the last 70 odd years that it is insane to believe Jews are prominently featured in these areas. If you think that then you are probably a violent skinhead who wants to murder people! We are also told that Jews are no different from anyone else, they are just as American or British or French, etc., they just happen to have a different religious background. We have also been told that the Jews have always been the victims of discrimination and they are always innocent. They have been kicked out of many countries but it is never their fault. No one would have thought that this speech or other incidences when Trump has called out the obvious bias and corruption of the media, banks, major corporations et al. were actually condemnations of Jewry. In the end the Jews are their own worst enemy because they react hysterically to any critiques no matter how mild and only brings attention to the fact that yes Jews are over-represented in prominent areas of Western societies.

Jews have never been fond of conservative parties but the GOP did have many important Jewish backers and donors. Indeed, the neoconservative movement was overwhelmingly Jewish. But as a whole Jews have always been fond of internationalism, globalism, however you want to term it; they are not fans of nationalist policies no matter how basic they may be. Trump really isn’t an extremist but that is how many view him and as such he is seen as a danger to Jews. It is why some 50% of Hillary’s donors are Jewish.

How many Trump supporters will see organized Jewish antipathy towards their candidate, towards America first policies, towards Occidental civilization as a whole and start to think about the Jewish Question? How many people in general will see what is happening and begin to take notice? And its not just issues of race and sovereignty. The trans movement was almost entirely Jewish, for example. Many will start to notice, too, how the ADL and other Jewish groups promote migration and multiracialism in the West but never in Israel.

And of course there is the politically incorrect angle. A major reason for Trump’s rise has been that people are sick and tired of political correctness and being silenced. Well there is no bigger issue that one must remain silent on then the issue of Jews. You can get away with saying almost anything but not if it can be seen as anti-Semitic. Why you have a better chance of saying something against Islam and not losing your job or being ostracized.

People don’t seem to have cared much for the other mud slinging attempts against Trump so I doubt most will actually fall for this new attempt. However, now more and more are aware of Jewish influence. It will be interesting to see how this will all work out. Perhaps one of the unforeseen results of this election will be a rise in interest in the old JQ.


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