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Its finally happening folks, the most contentious US presidential election in living memory is about to come to a close. Its been a wild ride. There has been so much written about this election including myself (here, here, here, here and here) so I don’t want this to be overly long but I do want to just add a little more.

Incredibly a great deal of those who claim to be about democracy, transparency et al. are fully supportive of Clinton and the Democrats despite all the evidence. The left which for so long claimed to be anti-war is staunchly behind the warmongering Clinton. They don’t seem to have any qualms with possible war with Assad or even Russia.[i]

Leftists also don’t seem to care that by being Clintonites they are in the company of the dreaded 1% and of neoconservatives as well. Given Clinton’s true agenda it is no wonder that the GOP elite has denounced Trump and either support Clinton, Johnson or remain neutral. This is unprecedented. I do not think there has ever been a time where the presidential candidate of a party has been betrayed by so many of his own party members.

Thankfully, regardless of who wins these traitors are done. And not just those in the elite ranks but all ‘Never Trump’ so-called conservatives. Overpaid frauds at Cato are done. Libertarian party is done. Cowards in GOPe are done. Megyn Kelly and other ‘Never Trump’ media personalities are done. They will have to smarten up (and hope they can be forgiven for their treachery) or just come out as leftists. Left hates centre-right just as much as far-right and they won’t tolerate strong conservative voices if Democrats win. The media is clearly unabashedly liberal and so too is the education system and basically everything else about our society. Do the cucks expect to be treated with same respect as liberals? Look at how they treated Romney! And Bush! As a former liberal I can attest to just how strongly all factions of the left despise anything conservative no matter how tepid and cucky it is. The hatred has only grown more and more with each passing year and its not going to dissipate. There can be no return to the good ol’ days (if they ever truly existed) of free speech and reasoned debate that cucks pine for.

Of course these libertarian, neocon and other assorted so-called conservative analysts and commentators don’t care about bygone America or the American nation in general. They care about their short-term monetary gains and are completely indifferent if not hostile to the heritage and aspirations of America’s founding stock. The neocons do in fact care about nationhood and all that entails (race, borders etc.) but only when it comes to Israel. Again they are apathetic towards America (and indeed Occident as a whole).

The average conservative-minded voter who is ‘Never Trump’, however, is not a snake in the grass. No they are just easily led astray because of what a deracinated society they live in, they are totally blind to what is happening. Moreover, they can not see the big picture here. When they look at Trump they see a loud mouth who curses and seemingly goes from wife to wife. Just as our society is deracinated so is it also superficial. They do not understand that this is about more than Trump.

Conservative establishment may not care about White identitarian issues and base may be blind to it, but clearly the left is not on the same page. They are not only aware of the issue but they care enough that they are doing everything in their power to destroy the White voting bloc. We have seen from prominent members of the media like Jorge Ramos that this is election is not just about defeating some brazen, loud mouth businessman. This is about destroying what remains of White racial consciousness in America. It is about (for Hispanics certainly, but other non-White groups as well) promoting the interests of other groups. Not everyone goes to university and so they don’t witness the anti-White nonsense there, but now they can see it everywhere thanks to the media going from craven and treacherous, but at least attempting to be subtle, to full-on in your face.


This election could be last chance for Whites in America to make a change via current political system; a system they created. Non-Whites and liberals have been gloating over this fact and using newcomers to vote against Whites. They have no shame or feeling that what they do is wrong.

Of course we are being gaslighted here with talk of the polls being against Trump. Polls generally haven’t been good to Trump (although I don’t fully trust them) but now in the last week the polls are being unskewed and we can see that Trump is not far behind Hillary. It is still anyone’s game. One thing to keep in mind is that he has dominated Hillary when it comes to rally attendance. Trump fans are motivated and they are excited. I have not seen anyone outside of the media who is truly excited about Hillary. I saw popular support for Sanders and perhaps we shall see some for Stein but I think its fair to say even the average liberals are uninspired and unmotivated to take part in this election. FBI has now reopened case against Clinton and has made it very clear that Trump is not a Russian puppet. Not that that matters to hardcore Democrats and Neocons like James Carville – long-time supporter of Clinton family – who claims the FBI is being used by (now defunct) KGB and House Republicans!

But hey don’t concern yourself with Hillary’s foreign policy or shady past; nor concern yourself with demographics. Apparently Trump isn’t worth a vote because he won’t keep all his promises! This is a particularly desperate attempt at keeping Trump voters away from the polls. What if Trump doesn’t/can’t keep all promises? This is true of most politicians; he at least has started something. A fire is rising thanks to Trump and it is taking down liberalism. Win or lose Trump has ensured that nationalism and White idenitarianism are back. Thanks to Trump, the great political swindle that is “conservativism” has finally had the mask ripped off of it and as I stated earlier it is done for. How fantastic!

TRUMP 2016






[i]And when it comes to brinkmanship with Russia if not WWIII, Jewish journalists and (((neoconservatives))) seem desperate for war. Funny how so many prominent Jews are making belligerent statements regarding Syria & Russia. Wasn’t that a Nazi meme? That Jews are warmongers? You’d think they’d be wary of that.



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