End of the Year

2016 is coming to an end and soon 2017 will be upon us. And what a year 2016 has been! 2014 and 2015 seemed like exceptionally long years whereas 2016 was far too short, but I suppose that is to be expected when things go far better than one could have expected. I’m sure I am not the only one who can think of a few people who have openly stated how much they hated this year because of just how illiberal it was. Glorious!

Elections and referendums in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Britain, Bulgaria, Moldova, the United States and Italy all went against what the global liberal elite wanted. Similarly, in Slovakia the government has moved in an anti-liberal manner by saying Islam will not be recognized. And of course Hungary and Poland have stood up to the ongoing non-White invasion of Europe. Assad has managed to take back Aleppo and he looks to make further gains now that an anti-interventionist is president-elect in the United States. Why even the Turks are admitting that the US, Gulf States and Israel are supporting Islamist radicals. And in the US and Europe, at least, there is a growing sense of newfound appreciate for White identity politics. Many are awakening to the double-standards; why even Rush Limbaugh asked why Whites can’t have their own voting bloc if others can!

However, the Austrian election ended up being taken away from us. The EU doesn’t seem to care much for the Dutch result and the Walloons had their victory over CETA taken away from them. Attempts are also underway to scuttle Brexit. Journalists, pundits et al aren’t what they claim to be: they are political activists and they are doing everything they can to stop the rise of right-wing populism and White identity politics in the Occident. Meanwhile, the establishment is once again trying to blame Russia for a whole host of malicious acts. Of course no evidence of this being true, just sounds more legit because it comes from CIA  — although they’ve been known to lie just as much as other organs of US government. Of course no talk of how US actually routinely gets involved in foreign elections nor of how countries other than Russia have tried to influence US election (Saudis and Israel being most obvious examples). Of course no talk of why Russia is evil (because they don’t bow down to tranny agenda? Because they don’t like NATO encroachment? Why is it so necessary to be anti-Russian?).

I’m sure some hope this can be used to stop him becoming president but I think for the powers that be it is about getting leverage over Trump and making him follow their neocon foreign policy. Indeed, it might already be happening to some extent as Trump has protested the latest decision by the UN to condemn Israeli settlements in Palestine. Although this could just be a ntural reaction from Trump; he is a known pro-Israeli. There is no reason for the US or any Occidental country to concern itself with this matter.

And sadly this past Christmas Prince Charles made an absurd speech complete with NAxALT and condemnations of the right, the only group that may still care for monarchy as liberals and hard left certainly don’t. Neither do foreigners. Oh well, I suppose royals just as likely to be poisoned by internationalism as the rest of us.

Media is of course stoking fears and anti-White rhetoric. We are meant to fear the far right even though it is peaceful, unlike the centre left (to say nothing of far left) who go around committing riots and making violent statements. They are getting more and more hysterical. Jewish and self-hating White liberals are showing just how privileged and entitled they are; media is showing just how biased it is.

The enemy isn’t defeated yet.

This next year I predict that the media and other liberal organs like the universities, and the political and corporate elites themselves, will push back as hard as they can. Instead of trying to understand where the resentments are coming from they double down and become even more hostile, which will only help us as it wakes normies up to what is truly happening.

And if in the United States and Europe we can see increased gains for righist populism than soon we should see the same in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These countries are all Whiter than America (well at least in terms of percentage of population) and if White populism can be harnessed as a political force in the US then so can it become a force in these countries as well. Of course there is still issue of civic v. ethnic nationalism and already this year has seen a growth of arguments between the two sides. It may still be ok to speak out against illegal immigration but legal if by far the greater threat. Work is still needed to kill this sacred cow once and for all. However, civic nationalism is a bland ideology which ultimately means nothing. In time I see it disappearing completely from the political scene.

After so many seemingly long and drawn out years of liberal, globalist victories the tide is finally starting to turn. 2016 was hardly perfect but there were too many white pills for me to be depressed about it. This past year provides the groundwork for many more victories to come. So farewell 2016 its been great fun, but now its time to say hello to 2017, a year which offers even greater potential!


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