Media Hubris

Recently the strangely popular cultural marxist site Buzzfeed, which is better known for making listicles and videos attacking White people or promoting this or that form of poz, published a completely unsubstantiated story on Trump. It wasn’t long before everyone from major media figures to lowly boomer trash began re-tweeting the story. CNN evidently was also part of this fakenews plot. Basically the story went that Trump was a Russian agent since way back and that Trump hired prostitutes to partake in urination fetish acts in the bed at the Ritz Carlton where Obama had slept in. No evidence exists to back up any of these claims. Its like with earlier attempts to discredit Trump as some Russian tool: make vague remarks about “sources” and state this is an old story. There is a cuck connection here as John McCain handed the document to the FBI.

As Michael Tracey asks, however,

Are we really supposed to believe that the scores of anti-Trump journalists and operatives who were privy to this information declined to run with it prior to the election out of the goodness of their hearts? It would’ve been the story of a lifetime: the scoop that finally brought down Trump. The reason that no one ran with it was because it looked like obvious BS.

And of course it is complete shit. Hell even the New York Times is admitting that Buzzfeed and CNN are peddling lies. Basically McCain, Buzzfeed and CNN all got trolled hard; possibly by 4chan or perhaps from anti-Trump personnel within the US government. Who knows. Either way it is completely unsubstantiated, salacious material. Some on the left/cuck side of the political spectrum have as well; but still others are just doubling-down or are trying their best to downplay this incident and shill for lying press.

This is hardly the first example of outright lying from the press about Trump – or anything else the liberal establishment despises – and it will not be the last. We can see media lying and manipulation with regards to the anti-Russian hysteria which has been going on since the summer, especially in regards to supposed hacks of DNC and Podesta’s email. Media personnel want to blame anything but the incompetence of their political allies and also to get people to ignore content of said emails which is quite damning.

The media is as a whole nothing but political activists. This is especially evident in the entertainment media: actors, musicians, directors, et al. are all meant to entertain but instead it is painfully obvious that they have become activists (or perhaps always were). A great recent example is Meryl Streep’s sickening display of liberal signalling at the Golden Globes, in which (((Hollywood))) and press labelled as victims despite all evidence to the contrary. How brave to continue to attack and condemn your own people and promote anti-national claptrap which is official doctrine. How easy it is to pretend to be brave when one has the power of the media behind them; or better still is part of the media industrial complex. If only people with actually rebellious views, like vlogger Millennial Woes had such protection. On a side note watch this video if you want to know how to help him out.

Journalists too, are activists. Indeed, their profession has always been partisan. For example, one of the longest running newspapers in Canada is the Globe and Mail which is an amalgamation of The Mail and Empire and The Globe. The latter of which was created by George Brown who later became leader of the Grits; the predecessor to the Liberal Party. His paper began as an outlet for his liberal politics.

Moreover, newspapers were always at behest of the interests of those who fund them,

Printed news [began] as an efficient way to expand the scope and range of word of mouth communication.  Replacing the town gossip with a newspaper also standardizes, formalizes and narrows the scope of what is considered news.  While every village may have its own noteworthy events, suddenly the opinions of the populace matter less than that of a single editor, who can have the entire countryside talking about the one story he finds most interesting.  As the cost of printing news increases, editors find themselves at the mercy of advertisers, and advertisers soon realize that owning the source of news is infinitely more effective than the quaint expedient of taking out an ad. The power of the Press is eventually controlled by a small clique of advertiser-owners like our current overlords Zuckerberg, Bezos and Slim. The modern Cathedral takes shape as Finance funds the State, Capitalism fund the Press, and the Press shapes public opinion in favor of Finance and Capitalism.

Those in charge of the media decide what they want to report on, what they want to condemn and ridicule, what they want the world to know. They influence people and increasingly are doing so in less than subtle ways. People always make disparaging comments about the media, but now suddenly many are becoming little fan-boys because of other institutions which have worked in tandem with the media in subverting Western cultures; namely the education system. And as Gaius Marius notes, there are powerful financial interests behind mainstream media ensuring its continued survival and legitimacy. However, this is beginning to change and stories like the one Buzzfeed and CNN reported are the reason why.

For too long have media personnel, and those in the news media especially, held sway over the public shaping our view of the world. What is so great about their actions over the past couple of years is how they have gone completely hysterical. They have absolutely no hubris and will keep doubling-down and pushing ridiculous narratives until finally they collapse entirely. Reactionary Tree calls for helping to push the media off the cliff; maybe that isn’t such a bad idea?


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