Merkel Muss Weg

As we are all painfully aware – and Germans and other continental Europeans more than most – in 2015 the German chancellor Merkel opened the floodgates to “refugees” from across Islamic world and increasingly from sub-Saharan Africa. Greece, Italy and all the various countries between the Med and Germany have been swamped with these invaders, many of whom stay but most of whom dream of making it to Germany where there is more gibsmedat. As you can imagine this has not gone over well with the indigenous inhabitants of Germany and Europe as a whole.

Crime has increased dramatically thanks to the recent influx with some being particularly prominent. Take for example, the Cologne rapes that occurred on December 31st 2015 or the church fire that occurred this past new year’s in Dortmund. Interestingly, the Cologne rapes were so extensive because local security were “refugees”; this was not the case this time around. Similar incidences have occurred to a greater or lesser degree across Germany and also in Italy, France and elsewhere. Media drags its feet at every opportunity to comment on racial backgrounds of criminals because what is terrible is not the crime but that it makes people question the obviously false liberal worldview. Similarly, the police have at times been pressured by government officials to change reports, for example erase any mention of rape in the infamous Cologne attacks.

Do we really expect Merkel or the other leaders of Europe to truly care about doing something to stop the problems caused by immigration? Clearly they don’t care about their own people because if they did then there would have been no opening of borders, no promotion of anti-White hatred in the media and academia, etc. and etc.

Well evidently Merkel does think that the people she has betrayed should still trust her and vote her in for a fourth term! These past few months have seen her busily trying to convince people to actually trust her for a fourth term by making statements which are clearly meant to defuse growing rightist populism and trick the German people into being so stupid as to give her yet another chance.

Merkel has stated she will enact a partial ban of the niqab. It is a hollow superficial gesture on her part. She has also called for deporting migrants. This is all just for show; she just wants to get re-elected this summer. This was the same woman who said that multiculturalism was a failure only a few years prior to the current invasion crisis. Clearly, she has absolutely no qualms flip-flopping on issues in order to win votes, but once in power nothing of any substance is done.

The government had no idea what kind of people they were allowing in and they don’t seem to have cared to find out. Already the government has been deporting people, there have been some but the numbers are incredibly low. Obviously German government is not taking this issue seriously. According to recent statistics, officially there are only 1.17 million “refugees”, but of course the actual number is probably far higher. And of course this stat doesn’t include the millions of other foreigners living in Germany who came by plane instead of by foot and boat. Legal migrants have been a hassle to the German state for decades now and even before the current crisis the low German birth rate coupled with the high number of migrants and their higher birth rates, has meant the future of the German nation is in serious question. Germany has been abolishing itself since well before 2015. Merkel’s actions this past year regarding “refugees” makes it clear to me she certainly won’t do anything about the more established form of immigration even if she makes some token gestures at stemming the “refugee” tide.

Merkel has also shown she cares not for her own folk in another way. Recently, she stated that people do not have the right to question mass migration. Moreover, her attempts to seem tough on dealing with “refugees” is being undermined by others in the government who are to Merkel’s left. For example, in Brandenburg leftist MPs has called for letting potential deportees stay so long as they claim to have experienced violence from far-right activists. Hah, yeah I’m sure such a scheme won’t be completely taken advantage of!

Come election day one wonders will Merkel still be in power? It is hard to imagine the Alternative for Germany (AfD) let alone any other immigrant skeptic party coming to power given Germany’s situation. Guilt for the last world war and heavy Americanisation which has come with their occupation post-1945 has made the German people deracinated and susceptible to insane and suicidal policies. Then of course there are possible attempts at subversion of rightist parties from more established ones, similar to what happened this past year in neighbouring Austria. It is too early to say what will happen – although speculation is perhaps unwarranted given how terrible most were for multitude of last year’s elections – but if things keep going this way and the demographic situation gets even more dire, then the conclusion could be very destructive indeed.


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