Political Violence For Me But Not For Thee

On Friday the 20th Trump was sworn in as President of the United States and almost immediately we saw a return to political violence from the anti-Trump faction. Nothing new here they did this back in November when he won the election. In this most recent act of political violence more than 200 were arrested after starting fires, attacking private property (interestingly enough of companies and banks that had given money to Trump’s opponents! Hah way to bite the hand that feeds!) and insulted Trump supporters,

Families from flyover country were greeted to the nation’s capital with chants of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” When short of breath, protestors opted for the more succinct, “Fuck Trump!” One activist even decided to lecture a young Republican, screaming “don’t grow up and grab women by the pussies!” before his father covered his ears.

Trump supporters were also attacked and indeed so too were members of the media! Again way to bite the hand that feeds! One of the victims of leftist violence was Richard Spencer. Attack on Spencer was a dirty move; the idiot caught Spencer off guard and immediately ran away after hitting him. Of course, this is justified by left. Riots also occurred at the University of Washington against Milo Yiannopoulos who is not in any way a nationalist let alone a “nazi.” The violence that erupted here included a shooting by a 50-year-old Asian male. Milo’s friends at the Deploraball were also attacked and harassed and again these people are hardly far-right. Same goes for the average Trump supporter at the inauguration.

Many on twitter – such as media personality Patton Oswalt – came out in support of political violence such as the attack on Spencer because it is against “nazis.” Still others have claimed they are against all forms of violence but that Spencer and even Trump and other tepid civic nationalists have it coming. Many were vindicating support for attack on Spencer by referencing WWII propaganda featuring Captain America and other superheroes beating up Germans. First off, that is hardly compelling evidence in their favour and secondly, given how wide a term “nazi” is to them fighting “nazis” cannot be called an American tradition. What is a “nazi” to these people? Richard Spencer certainly isn’t one. Being White Nationalist doesn’t mean being a national socialist necessarily; let alone a Hitlerite.

I have seen and heard libertarians and even bloody neocons called “nazis” and Bush, Romney and Harper were all compared to Hitler back when they were relevant. If you don’t share leftist views on gender or sexuality you are a “nazi” if you don’t share their political programme you are a “nazi” and if you are in any way pro-White, even implicitly than you are a “nazi.” And of course libertarianism and conservativism are implicitly White given that they grew out of the European political tradition and unlike other political theories have never until now cared about promoting third worldism or the like. The term has been so overused that is it meaningless now.

Essentially all they want is to use political violence for their own gain. Labeling their opponents as “nazis” is just a way of justifying to themselves the use of violence.


Richard Spencer moments before being sucker punched by cowardly tool. Notice the sign behind him. The left hates Whites


Left has always used violence or intimidation of some kind to get its way, going all the way back to the Jacobins and as it happens the left today is more violent than the right. This political violence is especially prominent in European countries like Sweden where ANTIFA and other such organizations have been far and away more extreme than their North American counterparts. And of course egalitarianism has lead to the most destructive and violent movement on earth: communism.

Funny how the left loves to talk of peace, love, tolerance, etc., given how more violent it is. It is especially humorous from mainstream moderate left which constantly moans about how rightists’ critiques and condemnations of their various pet insanities (transgenderism, open borders, et al.) are verbal acts of violence; only to pretend to be real hardcore when it comes to being part of some resistance to Trump. Hateful Heretic was right: they really do base their entire lives off of Hollywood. Well that and children’s books which are treated as great works of literature by mostly effete and infantilised liberals. I suppose they really are just big children. They act tough when they know there is some great paternal power behind them and cry and play the victim when they don’t get their way.

There is a silver lining to what has happened and no doubt will only continue to occur. I think most regular people will look upon anti-Trump violence and hysteria with disdain. Especially as the left continues to spiral out of control with its ideology and become ever more insane and ever more openly anti-White. Libertarians, conservatives, mainstream Trump supporters and others who formerly never bothered about race will be forced to come to terms with it and either continue to cuck to the left to the point of just joining them, or stand for their own people and fight against their displacement and replacement. In the end the left will be its own worst enemy.


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