London Attack: Another Bout of Road Rage?

On March 22, 2017 an act of Islamic terror occurred near Westminster in London, England. There was some initial confusion over the exact identity of the attacker but we now know it was one Khlaid Masood, but even before we knew who exactly did the killing it was obvious it was an Islamic attack. It was just so similar to earlier attacks by Muslims at Ohio State University, Nice, Berlin and even in Quebec in that the attacker used an automobile as a weapon. Masood drove into a crowd of people before getting out and stabbing a policeman to death. So far the toll stands at 4 dead and 41 injured.


Perhaps the most iconic photo taken after the attack. Muslim woman walks on by as if nothing has happened. I suppose from a Muslim prespective she is right.jpg

Perhaps the most iconic photo taken in the aftermath of the London attack. A Muslim woman walks on by as if nothing has happened. And I suppose from her perspective nothing has; just some kafirs getting killed in jihad.

As usual people took to social media to talk about how much they loved Muslims and this has nothing to do with Islam. I expect Muslims to lie like this because it is in their interests, but of course a great many were non-Muslims, particularly Whites from liberal Christian or irreligious backgrounds. Many were choosing to ignore it and bring up a few incidences of violence in recent years coming from Whites (but never blacks) in the US or elsewhere. Anything to obfuscate and make others believe that Islam doesn’t have a particular problem with violence. When it became clear without a doubt that it was indeed what everyone knew, a Muslim attack, then we saw the usual “pray for everybody”, “I love everybody including Muslims”, “not all muslims”, and other such crap coming from people who would rather live in a liberal fantasy than in reality. Or they just stayed quiet and moved on to something else.

Every. Time.

People have been so horribly infected by the media and also the education system. Their entire lives have been under the influence of these two bastions of propaganda that it is no wonder so many actually believe in equality. They are desperate to believe in it and to ignore the obvious negative consequences of ‘diversity’ and demographic displacement.

In the Anglosphere, many are completely unaware of what has been going on in continental Europe because it is rarely discussed in English-language media. What ones have come through are quickly forgotten. Even attacks which have happened in the Anglosphere have been largely forgotten – with the obvious exception of truly massive attacks like 9/11 or 7/7. Watch this one get swept under the carpet soon as well.

I doubt this attack will change anything. None of the preceding ones ever did even when they were more deadly. What will it take? Does London need to be obliterated? Actually, given its history as a bastion of liberalism that may not be such a bad idea.

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, was right about terrorism: it is part of big city living. Well, at least in cities with a substantial number of his coreligionists. Although, in fairness to Muslims, blacks of any religious background are also incredibly destructive. We North Americans need look no further than Toronto, Detroit, Baltimore or St. Louis for evidence of this. And people seem more than willing to cling to their liberal fantasy and grin and bear the crime ‘diversity’ causes.




Post Script: Originally thought to have been a Caribbean convert named Abu Izzadeen, but we now know it was…. a different type of convert. The killer of Lee Rigby, by the way, was a black convert. I can’t say I am surprised that blacks and other foreigners would convert to Islam, because they don’t fit in with the majority culture. They must have a major crisis of identity. Nor am I surprised that Whites have converted, because Whites aren’t allowed to have any sense of community or culture. Their cultures are destroyed and so they, like the second and third generation non-Whites, take on Islam to fill the void. Truly, this leveling and destruction of cultures and promotion of nihilism, is one of the most sickening aspects of liberalism.


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