Carthago Delenda Est

CDE Child Sacrifice

There is a common saying about how the children are the future. Well as lame and prosaic as that sounds it is true. In traditional societies the elders would seek to ensure the maintenance of society for the upcoming generations who in turn would grow up to build upon their forebears legacy. Currently in the Occident this seems to have all been discarded. Our civilization has been in the decline for a while now and with each passing decade it seems to become more hyper-individualistic and nihilistic. Nothing seems to matter save fleeting personal pleasure. Even the young are to be sacrificed for such ends.

The most obvious example of how Western society has abandoned the young is in the realm of sexual politics. Males and females of all ages are meant to deny their natures and the hardest hit are the most vulnerable, namely children. Boys are feminized and girls are made masculine and in the end, both are sexualized. This process is most notable with girls as we can see with pop-culture whores particularly in the music industry who are looked up to as idols. As with Hollywood (which is more than just perverted old men going after women, as men and children are victims too) the music industry is completely lacking in morals and will do whatever it can to push sexualisation. As such it is no surprise that the media in general has been such a major promoter of promiscuity and homosexuality and would be so corrupted by such predators; including pedophiles whose sole target are children. It should be noted that certain sectors of the media and I presume academia as well, are actively promoting a normalization of pedophilia.

CDE An example of the paedophilia apology in the mainstream media

Recent articles from the BBC and elsewhere which offer sympathy to pedophiles are actually tame in comparison to the open support for the sexual use of children by the left several decades ago; take for example the German ’68 student movement or famed French post-modernist writer Michel Foucault and famed American poet Allen Ginsberg, or even the British Labour party. Regular people are, thankfully, outraged at any positive talk of pedophilia and so the movement has not as yet had much success. Tactics had to be changed, with the focus now on tolerating pedophiles who don’t act out their degeneracy, although evidently there are still organizations on the left with connections to those who openly advocate for sexually active pedophiles.[i] It is unfortunate that there are people who have such deviant desires but they should not be normalized or otherwise treated as being equal to the majority. Given all this plus the endless desire to achieve ‘equality’ and the left’s obsession with sexual identities, I can’t help but think that this is yet another slippery slope. We saw what happened when homosexuality was tolerated! Now we have to throw out all basic understandings of sex in the name of trans acceptance; why we even have to impose this dogma upon children regardless of how this may negatively impact them.

CDE Imposition of trans-agenda on helpless children

Its almost as if they embrace being demonic

Pedophilia normalization will not only be pushed because of the fact that there is no end to revolution, but also because it would be ‘racist’ not to turn a blind eye to the mistreatment of children. Not all cultures are equal and many Afro-Asiatic ones have no qualms with children being used for sexual purposes. Child marriage was more or less eradicated from Europe but is making a comeback thanks to the mass importation of Afro-Asiatic peoples, something that the elite doesn’t know how to respond to, but evidently some courts  and governments are respecting this (and of course leading members of foreign communities support the practice). The raping of children and teenagers is also ignored when the rapists are foreign as we have seen, for example in the many covered-up cases of the raping of White girls by Pakistanis in Rotherham, Rochedale and Telford.[ii] The topic of immigration and culture clash leads me to look at yet another example of how our civilization misuses children. Whenever children are killed in mohammadan terror attacks, these images are suppressed and we are told ad nauseum about how there is nothing to worry about from having such complete foreigners in our lands. However, images of the dead – young or otherwise – are plastered everywhere when it comes to ‘refugees’ or the enemies of Assad. Take for example, the staged image of Alan Kurdi, who died thanks to the reckless nature of his father, it has since become iconic. Death is a great seller of political ideas.

Then of course there is the realm of education: we teach foreigners to hate us and this is a form of abuse to the next generation (increasingly we see the effects of this on children) who will have to endure the taunts and diatribes of worked-up aliens. Western societies are also teaching our own to hate themselves which is yet another form of abuse. Given how many mohammadan terrorists seem to be second generation immigrants, I suspect the degenerate nature of the modern West plays a role. As such, it is not just our own who are being abused.

CDE One of the many victims of the 2016 Nice attack. A young girl. Unlike Kudi her corpse was not plastered all over the media

A child victim of the July 2016 Nice attack

And of course, there is the near universal support for abortion from Western elites. It is pushed officially by many governments and certainly unofficially in the form of educators, members of the media, business figures, et al. Why, even the UN human rights commission has made abortion a right and is now pushing this cult of death upon member states. The creation of new life used to be seen as a blessing, but now it is simply an inconvenience, something that holds down women from being free to become busy cogs in the liberal machine.

All of this malevolent behavior seems incredible, but, perhaps, it is the childlessness of  many of our leaders which plays a role in the continued denigration of the Occident. Regardless, for the left the ultimate goal is a complete destruction of the Occident and a replacement of our civilization with some new utopian world. Part of this replacement means the destruction of the family, of nation, of Christianity and anything else that acts as a bulwark against such radical restructuring of society. As for the ‘conservatives’, well they don’t care what happens on the social front so long as they get their free market. The two factions have proven to be – contrary to what one might think given their depiction in the mainstream media – opposite sides of the same coin.

Children have become disposable in this brave new world of ours, to be used as tools or to be sacrificed. Certain ancient cultures like the Carthaginians, practiced child sacrifice in a twisted and misguided form of worship. While we don’t literally murder children (unless you want to count abortion), we instead sacrifice the well-being of future generations to new idols, namely immigration, equality, liberty and unending social revolution. To quote that staunch Roman patrician Cato the Elder: Carthago Delenda est!








[i]Much to the chagrin of the pro-homosexuality lobby, as it turns out there are connections between homosexuality and pedophilia: namely that many who identify as one are also the other. Gay rights activists have traditionally been supportive of pedophilia or as a way of making their own degeneracy seem more ‘normal.’ It should also be noted that both Foucault and Ginsberg were homosexuals.

[ii]Turns out ‘our greatest ally’ is a haven for pedophiles – well so long as they are in the tribe.


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