Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel


One of the most controversial issues today is that of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Indeed, this issue has been a hotly debated one ever since Israel came into existence back in 1949. Tied into this conflict is the role of our global hegemon, the United States. The US gives more aid (particularly for military purposes) to Israel than any other country in the world. The Jewish lobby in the US (particularly AIPAC) is very strong and has remained so even after eight years of the Obama administration, which was far less Israel obsessed than the previous Bush one; although even Obama gave into neoconservative demands regarding the destruction of Libya. Evidently, the established media has remained as Zionist as ever, even with two Obama terms.

And of course, these same Zionists in the Occident call for European states to be flooded with the refugees from the conflicts they cause; Israel, on the other hand, is allowed to retain the integrity of its borders and does its part to help with continued destabilization in the Near East. On a related topic, according to Israeli Major-General Herzi Halevy, Israel did not want Islamic State to be defeated in Syria, while former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon noted that Islamic State and Israel had actually communicated with the terrorists apologizing to Israel for having accidentally fired upon them.[i]

The power of the Jewish lobby in Washington D.C has remained steady and now under Trump is proving particularly influential – at least in foreign affairs – as he has finally done what the US always seemed on the verge of doing, and claimed Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Moreover, in a hilarious twist it turns out that the supposed ties between Trump and Russia are actually concerning Israel. His son-in-law, the Jewish Jared Kushner, sent former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to talk with the Russians in the name of furthering Israeli interests. As under previous regimes it seems that Trump’s policies are more Israel first than America first.[ii]

Although perhaps not quite as strong as in the United States, similar lobbies exist elsewhere in the Occident, particularly English-speaking countries like Australia and the United Kingdom.

As in the US, in the UK we see how Zionists engage in duplicitous nature of promoting multiculturalism at home whilst supporting the continued existence of the monocultural Jewish ethno-state. We see too how they have as much influence in the press as much as they do the political class. Although, unlike in the US, in Britain it would seem that shadowy backroom dealings with the Israelis can only be tolerated for so long – but as in the US these scandals only last a short time in the news cycle before being swept away. In recent years, the formerly pro-Israel Labour party has been beset with infighting over their stance on Israel, given the rise of more radically socialist types like Jeremy Corbyn and the increasing mohammadan element of that party. In terms of the “religion of peace”, if it continues to increase in Britain, than no doubt support for Israel will only continue to decrease. Sadly, it will also mean the continued marginalization and replacement of native inhabitants.

It should be noted that not just the UK’s Labour party, but leftists around the world have since the 1960s become increasingly anti-Israel. This is just as true of Jewish leftists as it is White ones. Why, it was the move away from Zionism that made some leftist Jews (particularly of the Trotskyite variety) become nominally conservative; these are the infamous neoconservatives. Anti-Israel Jews are so because they view Israel as acting White in that it is colonizing Palestine, but of course any race can colonize and indeed all have at some point or another. Still others do so because they have sincerely bought into the ‘diversity is strength’ falsehood. Both groups dislike Israel because they know Israel makes global Jewry look bad. Generally speaking these Jews are secular, if not outright anti-religion, however, there is at least one group of devoutly religious Jews who have made a condemnation of Zionism and the Jewish state an important part of their identity.

The name of this group is Neturei Karta and while I have heard of them before, it was only in passing. It was not until watching this short Vice documentary from 2016 recently, that I truly learned about them. Neturei Karta are a small branch of Haredi Jews. Haredim are an orthodox division of Judaism that practices sex segregation, arranged marriages, emphasis on education being about the memorization and study of religious texts; and generally tries to remain as separated from all other communities as possible. For example, often they use their own ambulances and security services.

The creation of a Jewish state was one of much controversy for all Haredim as it is viewed as being a heresy and they rightly saw that Zionism was a largely secular nationalist movement. That said, most Haredim today reside within Israel and many have made their peace with its existence, although all are against the largely secular nature of the Jewish state and its policy of conscription. Neturei Karta, however, have retained their antipathy to Zionism and indeed take their disdain to a greater level than any other group. As is shown in Rebel Rabbis, they take part in Palestinian protests, have ties to Iran and Jobbik, and call for Israel to be destroyed.

This film is just over 20 minutes and follows one Vice correspondent as she meets with Rabbi Beck and other members from Neturei Karta’s Stamford Hill community in London.  Beck and his associates spend much of their time printing anti-Zionist literature (in Yiddish of course) and posting them around Stamford Hill. As another rabbi states, “Israeli propaganda is so strong, so obviously we feel obliged to do the opposite.” As mentioned above, they take part in pro-Palestine protests (the one shown in this video was for Nakba Day)[iii] and often get into arguments with Zionist Jews who come to counter-protest. Beck also mentions another reason for Neturei Karta’s resistance to Israel: the Jews were sent into exile by God and it is not up to man to bring them out of it. Jews must wait for the messiah to return before they can think of setting up their own state.

Although not the primary focus of Rebel Rabbis, the audience is also shown how Neturei Karta also engage in more traditional orthodox behavior – particularly when it comes to ensuring their religious laws are being upheld by members of the community. For example, Rabbi Beck explains how, “if a woman is dressed not so modestly, or there are some shops where they sell things not in the Jewish style, we call them and say ‘look, please, stop it. You’re not allowed here in our neighbourhood.’” The reporter, it should be noted, is a woman by the name of Milène Larsson and this causes some trouble. For example, special permission has to be granted to her before she can enter their synagogue. Despite the fact she is a Swede, she is referred to as English by Rabbi Beck; it is clear that they consider themselves apart from the English (which of course they are) and that they neither know nor care about differences between non-Jewish groups. They are all just outsiders.

I think it is fair to say that, like when the non-religious/anarcho-communist Jew, Norman Finkelstein flashes Hitler salutes[iv] or comes out in support of Hezbollah, these ‘rebel rabbis’ are kind of trolling when they hold friendly meetings with Jobbik and Ahmadinejad. They want to be provocative and cause a stir and, in this way, they are successful. However, their willingness to meet with groups long condemned by the liberal press and their resistance to feminism and secularism, ultimately means Neturei Karta is not a particularly prominent or revered member of the mainstream anti-Zionist movement.

At one point in Rebel Rabbis, Larsson meets with a rabbi from the Reformed Jewish tradition (a woman: Charley Baginsky) who also happens to be critical of Israel. She clearly doesn’t have much time for Neturei Karta, because of the reasons mentioned above, and both she and Larsson refer to them as “fundamentalists”, essentially lumping them in the same category as al-Qaeda or Islamic State[v]. As with many Protestants and Catholics, for Reformed Jews like Baginsky, belief in God is fine, but only so long as it does not get in the way of cosmopolitan liberal values; liberalism is their true religion.

For her and many other Jews who are critical of Israel, they also dislike Neturei Karta’s extreme anti-Zionism. It is one thing to point out Israel’s flaws in regards to the treatment of Palestinians, but ultimately the idea of a Jewish state existing – and particularly one that is so secular and open to gay marriage, transgenderism and the like – is kosher. Like Finkelstein, Neturei Karta believe that the Holocaust has been mythologized and misused by Zionists as a way of shielding Israel from any criticism. Of course, any critique of what Finkelstein terms the Holocaust Industry is, to quote Larsson, “problematic” and certainly keeps them marginalized.


I confess that I am actually sympathetic to Neturei Karta and I like how they and other orthodox Jews retain their distinctiveness and don’t try (or at least don’t seem to try) to infiltrate and undermine the cultures of the native majorities they live with. Orthodox Jews in general, but these lot in particular, seem far more honest about their views and about who they are than secular Jews. Given the role Jews have played in pushing obscenity, the trans movement, etc., one does fear that any secularization of these communities will lead to them going down the same path to becoming proselytizers of anti-Western dogmas.

One must also remember that religious Jews have been a problem for Europeans (and Near Easterners too) for centuries. They may not push degeneracy, but their clannishness and refusal to integrate were in the past causes of conflict – as was their privilege and competition with their neighbours over resources, brought about by their high birthrates.[vi] If orthodox Jews keep having more and more children then we could see a return to an older style of conflict between Jews and Gentiles. It should be noted that in Rebel Rabbis, when the Neturei Karta members are walking to the Nakba Day protest, they are heckled a couple of times and at least one-person shouts, “fuck off!” at them. Even now their clannishness is something people are aware of and dismissive of.

Watching Rebel Rabbis, I wondered, why must Occidental Countries be host to conflicts that do not concern us? And why must Western cities be so riddled with foreign enclaves? Although, so long as they remain small segregated communities, having foreign enclaves is not a huge problem. Let us remember how in the ancient and medieval world there was the concept of foreign quarters in cities. Perhaps we should re-create urban quarters? What exists now in most cities in the West is an unofficial segregated hodgepodge of communities, with little in the way of clear distinctions between them. Of course, if such a policy were implemented it would need to go hand-in-hand with limited migration and repatriation policies to ensure that Occidental cities will still remain Occidental. Some changes to this neo-quarter system will need to take place, to ensure that child abuse isn’t allowed to happen and that minority groups don’t feel they can act with impunity. Certainly, better than the current state of affairs where not only are we to open the flood gates, but, as a writer for the same site that brought us Rebel Rabbis informs us, native majorities must actually now be the ones doing the integrating; not the incomers.[vii]









[i]Now, while it is mopped up in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State has made a dramatic appearance in Gaza, declaring war on Hamas. Is this part of the wider Saudi-Iran cold war? Could Islamic State be helping Israel with its dirty work perhaps?

[ii]Not that any of this is helping him with the Jewish community. They loath the man for is immigration skepticism and refusal to fully submit to their social engineering policies.

[iii]The Nakba Day protest of 2016 evidently was on the sabbath and in keeping with general orthodox practices they are not allowed to use anything electronic or to drive which meant Beck and his associates had to walk 3 ½ hours to the protest at the Israeli embassy. Moreover, they couldn’t carry anything so their signs were attached to string so they could be worn around their necks. This reminded me of how in New York, the orthodox will put wires above streets so that they can still venture outside because technically they haven’t left their homes – there is still a roof (of sorts) above their heads.

[iv]As great as Finkelstein’s segment is, the rest of the documentary Defamation is worth a watch if only to see the global reach of the ADL (a Jewish nationalist organization based out of the United States) and how frank many Jews are about Jewish privilege.

[v]Indeed, they are compared to Islamic State by one of the many unattractive secular Jewish Zionists counter-protesting the Nakba Day protest.

[vi]In Separation and Its Discontents, Kevin MacDonald notes key reasons for outbreaks of anti-Semitism in the past and among the common causes was “reproductive competition.” (page 28).

[vii]Then again this was written by a South Asian, these people I find are particularly vindictive towards Whites. I assume this is more than just anger over fact their ancestors were colonized (often willingly) by Europeans, but that jealousy plays a role here also, as they are Caucasoid but not Europid. Perhaps a feeling of inadequacy that they are not truly POC, but yet are not and can never be White either. Let us not forget about what Gandhi had to say about sub-Saharans.


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