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Cheddar Man: Using Archaeology To Promote The Immigration Cult

A joint venture between myself and Christoph Hauck. My contributions are in black and Hauck’s are in red. Originally published at the Eurocanadian.   The most recent reconstruction of Cheddar man as per DNA analysis. In 1903, the oldest complete … Continue reading

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In July of 2017, Christopher Nolan released what may be his greatest film to date, Dunkirk. This was a really moving film replete with great cinematography and it is no wonder it has received such praise and accolades. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel

One of the most controversial issues today is that of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Indeed, this issue has been a hotly debated one ever since Israel came into existence back in 1949. Tied into this conflict is the role of our … Continue reading

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Masters of the Pacific Coast

I first became aware of Jago Cooper from Lost Kingdoms of South America, a series he presented in 2013 on the developed cultures of South America, besides the Inca, that are largely unknown in the Anglosphere. Overall, I found it … Continue reading

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Carthago Delenda Est

There is a common saying about how the children are the future. Well as lame and prosaic as that sounds it is true. In traditional societies the elders would seek to ensure the maintenance of society for the upcoming generations … Continue reading

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Οχι Day

Today marks the anniversary of the beginning of one of many forgotten little wars that ended up becoming swept up in the Second World War which raged on at the same time. As with the First World War, the 1939-1945 … Continue reading

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Visegrád Union

The European Union is proving itself to be an anti-European, internationalist organization which is seemingly hellbent on flooding the continent with peoples who are completely foreign in every conceivable manner from the indigenes. However, many will argue that some form … Continue reading

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