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Visegrád Union

The European Union is proving itself to be an anti-European, internationalist organization which is seemingly hellbent on flooding the continent with peoples who are completely foreign in every conceivable manner from the indigenes. However, many will argue that some form … Continue reading

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Petty Nationalism in Spain and the UK

In 2014 the Scots held a referendum concerning the future of Scotland’s relationship with the UK; would it separate or would it remain? It was a close call but in the end the results came back with a unionist victory. … Continue reading

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Arrogant, Brazen Turks

  Originally published at the Identity Forum   Throughout its history, Turkey has been the scene of many an invasion and migration of peoples moving west-east and vice versa. The Ottomans absorbed many cultural aspects of the various regions they … Continue reading

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Mixed Results in Austria and Italy

On December 4th two nations went to the polls: Austria held a re-run of its May presidential election and Italy had a referendum. Both were expected to be massive victories for the populist factions but the results were rather mixed. … Continue reading

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What a Day!

These past two most current months of this the most current of years, has seen quite the rise in nationalism. The most obvious has been the glorious victory of Trump in the American election (which resulted in a downpour of … Continue reading

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Never-ending Cultural Enrichment in Germany and France

Since starting this blog I have only written about one Muslim terror attack, the Brussels one. I haven’t really seen the point in writing about any others because they are so common place. I suppose nothing has changed but to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Upcoming EU Referendum

As I’m sure everyone knows, on June 23rd there will be a referendum in the UK concerning membership in the EU. Personally I support an end to Britain’s membership and the EU as a whole. The Pro-EU side has been … Continue reading

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