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Οχι Day

Today marks the anniversary of the beginning of one of many forgotten little wars that ended up becoming swept up in the Second World War which raged on at the same time. As with the First World War, the 1939-1945 … Continue reading

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On April 16th, 1746, the last battle fought on British soil occurred. It was a confrontation between the supporters of two different dynastic houses, but it was more than just some familial feud. This was the Battle of Culloden and … Continue reading

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Vanished Kingdoms

It is easy to think that the countries we know of that we live in and grew up in, will always be here. Our lives are so short that it is often hard for we humans to grasp. This seems … Continue reading

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King in the North

One of the most intriguing periods of history to me is that of Dark Age Europe, that is Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The term dark age is mainly meant to refer to lack of sources … Continue reading

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Anti-White Archaeology

Internationalists are a desperate lot who will go to any length in order to impose their worldview upon humanity. Or at least upon Occidentals. We frequently hear from them of how North America, Australia and New Zealand were inhabited prior … Continue reading

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When the Conquerors Become the Conquered

A recurring theme throughout history is of more cultured and sophisticated peoples being brought low by their own wealth and decadence and finally succumbing to vigorous – and in many cases morally superior – outsiders. The great Arab historian Ibn … Continue reading

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Whites Are Indigenous

It is popular today for one to proclaim support for indigenous rights; however this is never applied to those of European descent. It should go without saying that Europe is the homeland of Whites. We are autochthonous to that continent. … Continue reading

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