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Malala: Poster Child of Globalism

Originally posted at the Council of Eurocanadians   Pakistani Malala receives standing ovation after demanding that Canada accept 66 million refugees “in a historic address to Parliament” on April 11 Recently the House of Commons was ‘graced’ with the presence … Continue reading

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Rotten Daffodils

Also published at Identity Forum     There is a tendency among the Welsh to show great pride in the deeds of past ancestors who fought against English conquest; of men who wanted to force the English back, the championing … Continue reading

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Danes Lead the Way?

Also posted at Identity Forum   Dannebrog falling from the sky during the battle of Lyndanisse, Christian August Lorentzen   Sweden has become rather notorious in right-wing circles of late. Their quest to become the progressive jewel in the crown of … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau’s Two Best Friends: Aga Khan and Ahmed Hussen

Also published at the Council of European Canadians Aga Kahn, or “The Magnificent Aga Kahn” as he self-identifies, or “His Highness” as Ismaili Muslims call him, is now close liaison and financial secret supporter of Justin’s mass immigration agenda Recently … Continue reading

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Merkel Muss Weg

As we are all painfully aware – and Germans and other continental Europeans more than most – in 2015 the German chancellor Merkel opened the floodgates to “refugees” from across Islamic world and increasingly from sub-Saharan Africa. Greece, Italy and … Continue reading

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All Cultures Are Equal? Nah!

Multiculturalism is a truly despicable and suicidal policy. A major aspect of multiculturalism is cultural relativism, namely that all cultures are equal and so there can be no one dominant force. Canada and Australia have official multicultural policies but most … Continue reading

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Never-ending Cultural Enrichment in Germany and France

Since starting this blog I have only written about one Muslim terror attack, the Brussels one. I haven’t really seen the point in writing about any others because they are so common place. I suppose nothing has changed but to … Continue reading

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Anti-White Archaeology

Internationalists are a desperate lot who will go to any length in order to impose their worldview upon humanity. Or at least upon Occidentals. We frequently hear from them of how North America, Australia and New Zealand were inhabited prior … Continue reading

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Chinese Domination of Vancouver’s Real Estate

It has long been known that the astronomical housing prices in Vancouver, BC were the result of wealthy immigrants and Chinese in particular. Last year it was reported that Vancouver was “a Mainland Chinese buyers market” and that some 36% … Continue reading

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NAxALT And Die

As everyone by now is aware on March 22nd, 2016 Islamic terrorists attacked the city of Brussels in Belgium. The city of Brussels released a campaign to show off just how peaceful their city was called #CallBrussels just prior to Tuesday’s … Continue reading

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