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Cheddar Man: Using Archaeology To Promote The Immigration Cult

A joint venture between myself and Christoph Hauck. My contributions are in black and Hauck’s are in red. Originally published at the Eurocanadian.   The most recent reconstruction of Cheddar man as per DNA analysis. In 1903, the oldest complete … Continue reading

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Petty Nationalism in Spain and the UK

In 2014 the Scots held a referendum concerning the future of Scotland’s relationship with the UK; would it separate or would it remain? It was a close call but in the end the results came back with a unionist victory. … Continue reading

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Spotlight on the DUP

Primarily, my descent is from the so-called Celtic fringe of the British Isles and thankfully these areas are also the least ‘diverse’ although it should be mentioned that there are regions of England, like the south-west, which I know are … Continue reading

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On April 16th, 1746, the last battle fought on British soil occurred. It was a confrontation between the supporters of two different dynastic houses, but it was more than just some familial feud. This was the Battle of Culloden and … Continue reading

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Rotten Daffodils

Originally published at the Identity Forum     There is a tendency among the Welsh to show great pride in the deeds of past ancestors who fought against English conquest; of men who wanted to force the English back, the … Continue reading

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London Calling

In the recent EU referendum that the UK held 59% of London’s population voted to remain in EU during recent referendum. Some including London’s mayor Sadiq Khan called for London to separate from UK and become its own city-state. Though … Continue reading

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Burqa Clad Cops

Recently, the West Midlands police force in England stated that they are open to having burqa clad women join up, Chief Constable David Thompson said he would look into employing officers who wear the burka if the issue arose, as … Continue reading

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