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Malala: Poster Child of Globalism

Originally posted at the Council of Eurocanadians   Pakistani Malala receives standing ovation after demanding that Canada accept 66 million refugees “in a historic address to Parliament” on April 11 Recently the House of Commons was ‘graced’ with the presence … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau’s Two Best Friends: Aga Khan and Ahmed Hussen

Also published at the Council of European Canadians Aga Kahn, or “The Magnificent Aga Kahn” as he self-identifies, or “His Highness” as Ismaili Muslims call him, is now close liaison and financial secret supporter of Justin’s mass immigration agenda Recently … Continue reading

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Canadian Lügenmedia: Trump’s Poll Surge Sends The Globe and Mail Into Meltdown

New post over at the Council of European Canadians. Check it out here. The media is in full meltdown in this the last week of the US presidential election. And its not just the yankees. In Canada too we are … Continue reading

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Whither Canada

Also published at Identity Forum “There’s no avoiding the looming presence of U.S. culture on Canada, but our differences are substantive, concrete and homegrown. Our universal health care. Our social welfare system and collective sensibilities concerning the role of government, … Continue reading

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Mr. Current Year on Immigration

Also published at The Right Stuff   Recently Canada’s Prime Minister Justin “It’s the Current Year!” Trudeau met with Londonistan’s mayor Sadiq Khan (who calls Trudeau an inspiration). The hot topic of immigration came up and Trudeau decided to impart … Continue reading

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Canada Day

July 1st 1867 is the date when the Dominion of Canada came into being. Until the 1982 when the Liberal government sneakily changed the name to Canada Day. Now I don’t believe this change needs to be a negative one, … Continue reading

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Low Blow Trudeau

This week has been pretty pozzed for Canadian politics. First, the Liberal government announced that they are going to make it a violation of human rights to point out that transgender and transsexual individuals are not simply whatever they claim … Continue reading

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Canada Yes!

Earlier this month in Nova Scotia it was reported that Chebucto Heights Elementary School Canadian children were being bullied by newly arrived Syrians. Supposed refugees. The Syrian children were doing more than just verbally insulting their Canadian classmates, however. They … Continue reading

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Chinese Domination of Vancouver’s Real Estate

It has long been known that the astronomical housing prices in Vancouver, BC were the result of wealthy immigrants and Chinese in particular. Last year it was reported that Vancouver was “a Mainland Chinese buyers market” and that some 36% … Continue reading

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Let Critique of Refugee Policy Translate to Immigration Skepticism

Prime Minister Justin“it’s the current year” Trudeau has made his commitment to opening Canada up to more refugees from Syria quite clear since before he won the federal election in October. Not that our so-called Conservatives were barring these persons … Continue reading

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